What's up?

First. Not me.

I have been fighting sinus infection/sinusitis for several days now and it really has a hold on me. I just feel like the walking dead. My help desk tech is on drill service this week so she is out; there is no way I cannot be in the office. So here I am. "Here" is about all I am though. I knew if I stayed home, something would happen at work that would warrant me having to come in for something. But, since I'm here, nothing is breaking. That's Murphy's Law.

I went to the doc and got some scrips and I am hoping by tomorrow that I'll start to feel the cumulative effects of the meds. To make matters worse, I think I am also suffering a little rebound congestion from using nose spray -- right before everything came to ahead I noticed that I was stuffing up more quickly, and it was still to soon for another squirt. I think I'm getting past that now... I can actually breathe through one side. I mentioned how much I used the nosespray to the doc but she didn't seem too worried/interested. As soon as I realized the twice a day wasn't enough, I ceased using it.

No running last night or tonight. I would be delighted if I could brick tomorrow (I have a du in October to prep for), but if I can't so be it. I need to get well, fully, so I need the rest. Thursday I have a run. On Friday, usually an off day, I could make up an easy run. Saturday is my long run -- 7 miles this week (which would supercede my last PR!)

I'm over the DNS on Saturday. It's not like I had to pay for it. I only missed the opportunity to do better than I did last time. This Saturday's run is 7 miles. :)


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