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So my Boss is being honored with a pretty prestigious award. I don't want to list it here for obvious reasons, but she is a big supporter of the ADL Anyway if you look through their site for an award being given in November, no doubt you'll come across her name. :)

Long story short, I was supposed to be interviewed and share my opinion about her. I was sooo looking forward to contributing to this video, but due to some car trouble I didn't make it (that's a whole 'nother story). I was incredibly disappointed. What's really cool is, she invited me to the dinner. I am really honored that she did so. Actually, very surprised too.

Well, I have the dinner to look forward to; it will be wonderful to see such a deserving candidate honored.

On Saturday I had my long run. My hip was hurting, still, even after 4 visits to the chiro last week. My regular Chrio had been out of town and I figured she'd be busy getting caught up. Plus this Chiro I went to see is a sponsor of my running and tri groups, so I thought, okay, I'll give them a try. It was convenient because they saw me on a Saturday.

Ugh... so ticked. I felt like I wasted 4 visits. Not to say anything bad, because they help others. I just didn't feel like I was getting better. Headed to MY Chiro today. :)

In spite of the ache, I managed to do my 8 miles at a 13:30 pace. I'm pleased with that, because even in pain, I cut 2 minutes off my last 8 mile time. It was great running weather too... a nice, chilly 62 on Saturday morning.

Later Saturday, Cassie and I make "cake balls". Well, really, I made cake balls.... Cassie just licked everything clean. Needless to say I brought them to work to get them the heck outta the house!
Sunday we took our "punkin'" (Cassie) to the Pumpkin Patch at Dewberry Farm :) Of course that was a good time, but made for a late night. I need a rest from all the fun!

As for this week, I'm planning on Running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Bricking on Wednesday and swimming at the lake (Testing my new wetsuit) on Friday. On Saturday I'll be resting, because I'll be doing my first "official" running event on Sunday: Koala / Luke's Half Marathon. I'm doing this as a relay with one of my tri club members.

Also, I will be putting my new CPR, AED and First Aid certification to work. I joined some other tri club members an volunteeered to join an AED team that will be present at triathlon events. Kinda nervous about doing it, but if I have the mad skills, I should give back. :)

MS 150 preferred registration started. I raised over $1,000 for my ride so I get to register. I've not thought or re-thought once about my choice NOT to register this year. Wish I could donate my spot to someone who wants to do it. :(


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