Received: One Sinus Miracle

Well I got it. I can breathe through both sides of my nose. I'm off for my first official "running" event, where I'll actually run. My goal is still to come inside my goal pace, but I'm still hoping for 12:something. even if it's 12:59 LOL.

Feeling a little tired.

Didn't have my normal breakfast... had some oatmeal with almond butter. Tried this the other day to make sure it wouldn't give me any gastrointestinal upset. I was good.

Had my 1 cup of coffee too.

Still haven't had my morning moment; I hate when I don't get it before I leave... if you know what I mean!

Got my Cytomax and my Nuun. for Hydration.

CarBoom Gels for my run (4 - 1 15 mintues before, then one every 30 minutes)

Kind Bar and organic lowfat chocolate milk for recovery.

I' breaking a race day rule too; we had a cold-snap here, so I got some compression tights by CW-X. I figured the discomfort from being cold over-rode the rule, that and maybe help my IT band issues.

Hopefully I won't regret it!
Be back later!


  1. Glad your sinuses are better! I had by-pass 6 months ago- but you are the first person I have come across who is really working out and running like I am! YAY! Will be following your successes. I was worrying about being able to eat everything you should when trianing for a bigger race... will be keeping an eye on what you are doing. :) THANKS for sharing!


  2. Wow, La, thanks for your note! I just stopped by your blog and took a gander -- great job, by the way. I love your pictures. Your photographer really does nicely. :)

    I'm still feeling my way around the nutrition thing. I find that many things don't bother me as much now, and if I look for more natural, organic alternatives I'm much better off.

    How long have you been running? I only started running so I'd get better at the run leg in my triathlon; tri's are really what I ♥ :)

    Take care and be well!


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