Saturday Run Training

I left my run feeling good about my performance, only to be deflated when I got home and downloaded the data from my Garmin.

The good was, I did the 8.07 miles at keeping with my current average pace. I'm no rock-star, but if I can keep steady over the long distances, I'm good with that.

Here's the thing though. I thought I would challenge myself and change my intervals from 4/1 to 5/1. When I got home and downloaded the data, I was still at 4/1. The real catch is, the run felt like I was going 5/1. LOL

Last week I finished the 7.97 in 1:48 -- yesterday did the 8.07 in 1:51.

Towards the end of the run I started having trouble with my hip flexor, so I couldn't even keep with my intervals. I didn't want to be stupid about it and make a small problem bigger.

Despite my stretching, I am also, I'm having some tightness in my Achilles -- that's not good. Talked to the Doc who was at the finish and he said moist heat and if I still have the tightness, come in. Apparently this kind of injury can just explode all of a sudden. And, it can also change your gait, as your body tries to compensate for the weakness.

Not a terrible run, but I would have been happier if I finished doing 5/1 intervals. There's always the next training session.

I have Du the Bear next Saturday. I've been spending so much time on the running, I haven't really trained much on the bike. Ugh! I know I'll get through it, but it probably won't be a great showing. Then again, you just never know!



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