Tardy for the Party - Thursday Thirteen

13 Random Things Under "You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now"

1)  That when something comes out of the oven it's hot.  Trying to quickly turn the fishsticks with my fingertips only ends up with me running my fingers under cold water.  Oven hot hurts, but I can wash dishes in super-hot water with no problem. 

2)  Nothing. New. On. Raceday.

3)  That I cannot make garlic bread without burning it -- it's a family gift, passed down, started by my Mother

4)  That the best intentions often get derailed and I shouldn't get flustered when life gets in the way.

5)  That when Mommy has a snack, ultimately it becomes Cassie's too.  Same goes for drinks.

6)  Only give Cassie the choice between "this" or "that".  Do not give the choices of"this", "that", "the other thing" or "that one over there."  It's painful to watch her make a decision!

7)  Internet maps are not always right.  Nor am I when it comes to geography.

8)  If I don't manage my allergies, they won't manage themselves.

9)  That I really can accomplish whatever I set out to -- it all starts just by strating and moving forward even if only in some small way.

10)  Always keep an umbrella in the car.

11)  "Right" doesn't always win.  That said, it's not always about the "win".

12)  Only fear of succeeding can keep me from commiting.

13)  That a "tight schedule" only gets tighter, so don't over commit. 

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