Thursday Thirteen -- The Artistic Touch

13 Artistic Things you might not know about me (as if you really care):

1) I tap danced on and off for 13 years. Actually I was a really good dancer and according to my Mom (an accomplished dance teacher) had "natural ability, but not the body for dance."

2) I auditioned and was accepted to Westminser Choir College. I had to sing 2 contrasting pieces. One was in French (and I can't remember it!) the other was a jazz version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, arranged by this real talented kid in my High School

3) I sang with The Wormen's Chorus of Dallas & the Turtle Creek Chorale and recorded a CD called Sing for the Cure -- An amazing experience! Met Dr. Maya Angelou!! And the only reason THAT happened was because one of my former co-workers/friends believed in me enough to push me to audition for their group!

4) I was part of the Diocese's "Festival Choir" during my first marriage and had to pass up performing in Rome (St. Peter's Basilica). My first husband just didn't get what music meant to me and gave me a really hard time. Ironically he's also the reason I didn't finish school -- not that I don't own that decision but he was the instigator. Ugh... he was so not good for me in so many ways.

5) I once entered a cake decorating contest with my Grandmother. I made a cake shaped like an owl. I used those licorice shoe laces to outline the Owl and toasted coconut for his feathers. I don't think I won anything, but it was great fun and I've never forgotten spending that time with my "Gram"

6) I've been taught to knit and crochet more times than I can count, yet still I can't do it and only ever remember how to do the "chain" and nothing more. LOL

7) I sewed my Daughter's first real halloween costume from scratch (when she was two). Even made the hat. She was a witch. Damn! Wish I had a picture...

8) When my Mom's ballet company did the Nutcracker, I not only helped make all the costumes, but made dresses for each of the dolls the little girls danced with, all by my self. :) I was super-proud of them! Plus, how many 13 year olds can bead a tutu like nobody's business!

9) Have soooooo many creative ideas to implement in my home, that often I just don't know where to start and none of them get done. Just did my Daughter's room with a hand-done border to compliment her bedding... really need a picture. :)

10) I made a tiered wedding cake for my friend.. once and only once. It was white with red roses. Hmmmm, wonder where that couple is today!?! Need to go try a Facebook search; be right back.... okay, back. Found the husband, but not the wife. Hmmmm.

11) I really enjoy making custom invitations, holiday cards and announcements. I could lose hours at the computer doing it.

12) I do want to learn how to make a quilt one day. Not that I want to be quilting queen, but learn enough to make this quilt idea I've had in my head for a long, long time.

13) As an adult I've thought, occasionally, about taking piano lessons again.


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  1. Great list! My daughter got introduced to quilting at a Harvest festival this past weekend. I'm wondering how long before she asks to learn.

    Calico Contemplations

  2. If I host Drunken Crafting Weekend early next year, I'll make sure to invite you. We'll teach you to quilt!

  3. You sure are talented in so many ways. Nice to have all of those memories and accomplishments. I hope you learn how to play the piano. Very kewl list. Happy T13!


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