Thursday Thirteen ♥ The Completely Tardy Edition

13 Random things on an all-around annoying day.

1) Not getting my quiet-time in the morning when I get to work. This time is priceless for getting my day laid-out and organized... oh, and for getting caught up on Google Reader. LOL

2) I haven't trained enough bricks for the du, and yesterday was no exception. You would have thought I would have made do (haha), but I didn't -- life gets in the way. The best I an hope for on the du is 2 runs under 30 minutes -- the bike won't be stellar, but okay.

3) You know that wesuit I was thrilled about winning for $188? Sure it was a good deal on a 1x used suite that retails for $430. But someow I felt deflated when I learned today that Xterra is selling the same suit, on sale, for $159! BRAND NEW

4) Picked up my race packet today -- received yet another water bottle. What do people do with these? I have recycled a bunch already.

5) I hate when my helpdesk person gets lazy and doesn't lift a finger more than is necessary. She's military. If you don't give it to her in "orders" it doesn't get done. It's been a lesson for me too.

6) I hate leaving the office and having to come back for an issues that the person in #5 could have handled if she had her head screwed on straight. I left the office at 3, had to come back for an issue and am I'm still here at 6:41 pm. Need to reboot the phone system but the Boss is a little chatty on the phone. Might be a CLM "career limiting move", to reboot while she's talking.

7) Still don't get the whole tweeting thing. I try though. I mean, if you're going to Tweet on Twitter, then at least tweet back!

8) Runny noses and brain-jossling sneezes annoy the snot out of me.

9) I don't understand fake, insincere people. Oh, and people who don't own their mistakes. I mean, everyone "f"s up

10) I'm mad about being stuck at work, but kind of glad I'm not running in the humidity. How is that annoying? I'm kind of annoyed it's not bothering more that I won't be running.

11) Love my boss... but still on the phone (6:50)... just shoot me. Maybe I need a nap on the Princess Ready-bed that sits on the floor in my office for my Daughter's visits to the office. LOL

12) Don't you get annoyed too when some folks just can't take a hint? That said, if it's important enough I don't bother mincing words... I'll let you know if it means that much.

13) Waiting, waiting, waiting.


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  1. I dont partake in the thirteen thing, but I enjoy reading yours.....and agree with most of them...hate insincere people, lazy people, people that have a brain but just forget that it can be used to think sometimes......etc etc.......good luck with your duathlon......we are racing the individual pursuit in Sydney at the World Masters Track Champs in about 10 days and my lack of track time borders on ridiculous.....A PB is the best I will be asking for this trip........based on the fact that I always seem to be underprepared for this.....the wetsuit was still a good price....

  2. CLM - LOL! I'd never heard of that one before.

  3. "CLM" that is great!!

    I don't get twitter understanding whatsoever, so I don't even try.

    Happy TT!


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