Thursday Thirteen ♥ the "Only Slightly Later Than Normal" edition

Going themeless on Thursday Thirteen, is like going commando. No, wait... it's more like a box of chocolates... never sure just what you're gonna get.

1) Had a unexpected, but good run last night. Well, not the run so much as the after-run party in the parking log. Several of my tri training group friends are headed to IMFL, and I think I'm almost as excited for them, as they are for themselves.

2) Hip is not doing great, but I guess better in some ways. The last mile of my run last night was bugging it. Back to the chiro today.

3) Started doing some of the food combos for my meals out of Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism Bood. Who knew 2 eggs and an apple would satisfy for so long... seriously.

4) Having a hard time focusing at work. Go figure. Nothing new here.

5) Found another diagnostic imaging program that's only 6 months in duration. Hmmmm. Still so unsure what I want to do and have no idea how to do it. At least even thinking about it is moving forward still.

6) Not sure where the cooler weather went. It was good for a few days then back to 300% humidity.

7) Looking forward to going to Dallas in November; just me and the Cassinator off to see "Aunt Beth" and "Du" with the Tri Divas while I'm there.

8) The holidays are approaching way too fast. WAY TOO FAST! We got tickets for the Polar Express trainride and am already putting together "wish lists" for Santa!

9) Taking my "Punkin" to the pumpkin patch this weekend; Dewberry Farm is a blast.

10) 8.5 miles to run on Saturday. Will I ever achieve a "Runner's High"? Someone last night said I had to run a full marathon to get there. Hmmmm. :-/

11) I got my Xterra wetsuit (thanks for the recommendation, Misty). It fits! I will test it out next week at the lake. :) Anyone want to purchase a sleeveless shorty?

12) My new running shoes are not-so-new after the Du on Sunday -- see the picture in a previous post. I've also determined that even though I'm determined and motivated to challenge myself, I find no value in racing in mud or rain. It doesn't make me a whimp... it just means I hate racing in mud and rain.

13) And in the area of small victories, I've done 3 sub 13 minute pace runs in a row! I might just make that goal of 12:30 marathon pace by January. 95 days until the Houston Half. Incidentally, the Tri Divas might be considering the Hills and Heels Half in May! I'll do anything for cute tech shirt and road trip to Dallas. :)


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  1. Two eggs and an apple? All right. Worth a try.

  2. Corrie10:15 AM

    I LOVE Dewberry Farm! Hope you guys have a blast, and maybe we'll run into you out there!


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