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13 Random Things - Goings On...

1) I have a Halloween party this weekend. I'm going as Octomom. Can't decide if I should duct tape or velcro the babies to my body, or carry them in a baby bjorn, sling and car carrier.

2) The cake balls recipe came out good. I am now going to make a much healthier version of them from a pumpkin cake. They should come out YUM.

3) My first warm-up race for the Houston Half Marathon is this weekend. I will be sharing a relay with one of my tri group team mates. My goal is a 12:58 pace, but no slower than 13:28.

4) My hip injury turned out to be my groin. I slightly strained it. I think I must have did that when I face planted the pavement on my early-morning, dark as night, run a few weeks ago. It was at the end of that run that I started having pain. Not sure why it took me 3 weeks to figure it out.

5) I get annoyed with doctors who are so busy they have to rush through everything.

6) There are only 87 days until the Houston Half Marathon.

7) There are only 14 days until I turn 42. Come January, in the triathlon community, that really makes me 43. Sh*t!

8) I've said it before, I still don't get Twitter. I twy... I tweet.. I even started a twibe for beginner triathletes. I did get RT'd by the Gayle King Show on Oprah Radio yesterday... kinda cool. Now, if I could only get Jillian Michaels to reply or RT LOL

9) Hubs is doing well... he's back on the wagon again and slimmin' down.

10) My dress arrived for my Boss' diner. It didn't fit :( Too tight in the hips and arms (my problem areas with loose skin). When I initially ordered they didn't have the size I wanted (a 16) but after looking at the sizing chart, it told me I could fit a 14, so I bought the 14. When it didn't fit well enough (it fit great everywhere else) I was bummed because I knew the 16 was sold out. I got online and checked... they had a 16 -- evidently they got some returns. Lucky me, for once!

11) Got into a brief, but deep, conversation with Hubs last night about what I want to do with my life. Maybe I don't really have a "calling". Maybe being home and doing for my family, what wasn't done for me, is what I want to do. I have to explore this more.

12) My feet are freezing today. Toes are almost numb.

13) I'm going to try out my new wetsuit tomorrow. Whoohoo!

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  1. Velcro! Then you can move them around.

  2. Looks like you are very busy indeed. Thanks for visiting my T13 and congrats on being 3 years on the RNY. Hmmm. Marathons and Triathlons, I think I can see the secret to your success!

  3. Corrie1:42 PM

    Oh yeah, velcro all the way. That's gonna be too funny.

    Hey, can you and I have a chat about this life-purpose stuff sometime? Yet again, I feel like you know EXACTLY what I'm going through. Hooray for Internet friends!

  4. Oh cool, you're in Houston! Aren't you loving all the rain? Yeah, me too. ;)

    It would probably be funnier to duct tape the babies to you if you're going as OctoMom, but any which way you go, you're gonna get a great reaction!

    Mmm, pumpkin cake balls... sounds delish! Now I'm kinda hungry.

    I'm on Twitter too, but I use it primarily for my book lists & favorite authors. I'm @mamakitty729, if you want to look me up. It can be pretty fun sometimes. :)

    Good luck on the Houston Half Marathon! You're awesome for doing it!!

    My TT:


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