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I've been horrible about blogging with any regularity lately; could be a reflection of my state-of-mind these days. 

My slight goin injury is doing better -- it didn't bother me at all during or after the HHM Relay.  I have a 9 mile run tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes after that.  I'm optimistic.  <---- about something anyway!

Darren is registered for his first run!  He's doing the 5K Turkey Trot and I'm doing the 10K.  I'm excited for him -- and the fact that we actually get to do something, somewhat, together. :)

Thanksgiving plans are to stay at home this year and I'm grateful.  Darren was somehow able to get his Mom to come here for a week.  I am so happy Cassie gets to spend more than just a couple days with her Nanna... she'll be thrilled. 

The scale has krept up 8 lbs in 10 days. and seriously, with no good reason.  I am so bloated, it is ridiculous!  I'm having trouble keeping focus and my hair is so dry I really just want to rip it out.  I think part of the reason I've not been blogging is because I'm so frustrated with this Thyroid BS and I just want to feel better.  I feel like it's all that's on my mind these days. And if that's all that's on my mind; that's all I'm going to write about.  And I hate to focus on the frustrating and feel so negative all the time. *sigh*

So, with that said, my Chrio is going to do this test on my neuro transmitters, general vitamin levels and cortisol levels.  If my cortisol levels are high, it could be creating a secondary problem for my thryroid.  I have to collect urine and saliva at home on Sunday and then send it in... we'll see how it compares to my annual bariatric bloodwork. 

Oh, yeah, I'm coming up on my 3 year surgiversary.  Whoopie.

So having committed to doing the Olympic Distance in April for the Lonestar Triathlon Festival, I am going to work with some coaches to train more efficiently.  I get out and swim, bike and run, but I really don't know how to do it efficiently, and I know I could be doing it better and yielding improved results.  When I started to search the I'net for info, I just get overwhelmed.  More to come on this. 

Here's some pics from HHM:

That's my relay teamate, Steve.

There I am... in the red. 
I think this was towards the finish.
I was dying. 
Incidentally 1434 (my "shero")
is headed for Ironman Florida next week!

Steve and Cathy Starting...

Somewhere on the run, wearing tights
I should not have been wearing!  I was so effin' hot! 


  1. Hi, I'm here from Wordless. Look at you go! I see you're in training. Rooting for you! :) I admire exercising and your regime.

    Today, my hubs went for a stress test b/c of lab results but came through with flying colors, since he's been regularly exercising. I'm so relieved he's beating his family history of "serious health issues" through exercise and diet. (He doesn't run in events like you, but he does work out regularly at home on the treadmill and weight machine.) I treadmill and such.

  2. You go girl! Keep it up! I can't imagine the frustration of dealing with Thyroid issues after all the successes you have had... Like Dory! Just keep swimming (and runing and biking!)

    For me.. I don't think its bad for you to talk about your frustrations on your blog- they are part of the journey- they make it real, and you can look back and see how you overcame them!

    YAY YOU!!



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