3 Years Out

Not going to be much hoopla, but today I'm 3 years post-op.  It's my "surgiversary."

Still thankful I am no longer Diabetic and can sleep without a CPAP -- those things did not mix well with the quality of life I was trying to obtain. "Life" being the operative word.

Make no mistake... Gastric Bypass ain't no magic bullet.  I figured I'd have this licked by now, but you just never know how things will turn out on each individual's journey.  When I hear people say, "she took the easy way out" it still makes my skin crawl and I have to keep respectful, because really, what's so easy about he re-arranging your innards, counting grams of sugars/carbs so you don't throw-up, taking a handful of vitamins, TWICE a day and generally minding after yourself to ensure you reamain in good health and suffer no repercussions from your choice? 

And yeah, it still eats at me inside to see people who totally disregard rules, eat shitty, don't exercise and basically ignore their mental well-being and still reach their goal weights.  That's BS.  Can't help it, can't fake what I feel.

Honestly, I pretty much agreed with my surgeon, in that I "would be a poster child" for this surgery.  In my mind, that has not happened.  I my mind, while I have success with a great many things as a result of my surgery, I am not a success, in full yet.  I guess that's my big mental ef-up -- I associate success with the number on the scale, and that's got to change. 

I always felt like something was wrong before I had surgery... and even still after, something is still not right-- We just know what it is now (hypo-T).  I hope and pray that having the bypass doesn't impact the medical treatment to get me to some level of "normal" again, so I can drop the last of this weight.

On the bright side, I pretty much maintain my weight, with the Swooping up and down the same pounds of water weight from the Hypothyroidism.  I'm hopeful that will subside, once my levels are right, but it takes so damn long.

Somedays I feel very little restriction, but then there's days like today, where 3 bites of a turkey sandwich, a few raw carrots and green beans, leave me feeling as full as I used to feel on the eves of Thanksgivings past.

So enough about that.  There's my "celabratory" sentiment. Just keeping it real.  I've never be ethereal or flowery about it. 

So, my 9+ mile run was decent.  Maintained just over a 13 minute pace, so for that I'm happy.  My new shoes killed my feet.  The running store guy put me in a neutral shoe, since the gait analysis showed my stability shoes overcompensating and causing some slight bowl-leggedness.

What he neglected to mention was NOT to wear them for my long run until I had at least 20 miles on them.  Ugh.  I literally had icepacks on my feet Saturday afternoon and there was pain with every step.  Much better now. 

Next, from the "I think I'm smoking crack" list, I registered for a 12.5 mile trail run in Huntsville State Park -- it's part of their 50K Trail Run, but they're offering the shorter distance. I'm a bit nervous, since I'm not really known for my grace, but I figure, if I can get through this woodsy challenge, I'll make it through the half marathon... so long as a tree root doesn't trip me up.

That's about it for now.  Tri training starts December 20th.  Lonestar will be 17 short weeks away.


  1. Sounds like you are doing incredible. "I am no longer Diabetic and can sleep without a CPAP" this alone is so great! Happy surgiversary!

  2. Well.. I don't know.. but it seems to me you are a ROUSING Success!! Did you even IMAGINE you would be running 9plus miles - for the heck of it?- or running a 12 mile trail run? No more diabetes or CPAP! YOU GO GIRL!!

    I know how hard it is to not feel like you "won" when the scale isn't agreeing with what we think it should say- but you are right in thinking to look past it!

    I can't wait to be able to recount my successes in 2.5 years! :)

    And as for people who think we took the easy way out? HRMPH! I will try to remain polite too! :)

    Keep up the great work!


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