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I missed Friday Fill-ins this past week. Whoops!

Saturday was my 25K relay with Mike (aka Hombre) a friend in both my tri club and running club.  Mike's headed to San Antonio this weekend for the Rock-n-roll marathon, so he needed an easy taper run, so he partnered with me.  :)  My 7.75 was good... kept a 13:10 pace for the distance, so I'm happy with that.  I learned that I need to check the night before that I have the right breakfast food, and that I have the right gel.  Tried the Accelgel,.. didn't work for me. 

Anyway, the run was good.  I was happy. 

My Ironman Florida friends did amazing.  I sat on the Internet and watched the majority of them cross the line.  I missed anyone who finished under 13, and we had a few, but saw other familiar faces cross the line... so cool.  So inspiring to see.

Speaking of inspring... only 68 days until the Houston Half Marathon... seems so close!

Speed work tonight was good.  Got in 4.2 miles. and had some good intervals.  Much easier this week, given I beat the drum corps to practice.  Last week it was a challenge to maintain MY pace, when all I wanted to do was run to THEIR beat.  As cool a street-beat as it was, it was messin' me up!

On Sunday I volunteered at a Half Ironman as part of an AED response team, alone with *E* and another Dude.  It's one of those things where you hope you get to stand around, do nothing, and drink your coffee.  2 swimmers were escorted in, barely making the time cut-off and 1 was pulled-out... didn't look like they made it half-way.  You can't fake a half iron distance, so I feel badly that they probably trained hard and just had a bad race day. :(  And yes, I stood around, drank my coffee, and kibitz'd with the real paramedics.  :)

Back to work today and I'm pretty busy at work, so it keeps me focused. 

Started reading "Say You're One of Them"... effin' A, great so far.


  1. WOW! Sounds like a buys schedule.. keep up the great trianing.

    I am struggling to work-out when I am on the road.. but you make me at least WANT to! :)



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