Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Baby :)

So... a little more on the bike. 

The deal on Craigs*ist fell through, as the did the *bay auction for the '06 models. But all was good with that because neither were the right size for me.  After I went to the shop to try a few on, I knew I needed a 51 in the Trek even a 50 in some of the others!  The only thing small about me is my bike size.  LOL

The excitement of the potential 'deal' got to both "Santa" and I and we started looking... really looking.  That's where the trouble starts.  LOL

I complied a spreadsheet of all the componenents of each of the bikes I was considering.  I was looking for a decent, step-up from entry level, tri bike without going to carbon.  Then I came across this closeout 2008 Trek Equinox 7 - WSD and as soon as I sat on it I knew it was right compared to the others I "tried on".  The PBM (personal bike mechanic aka "Husband") reviewed the features, and true to his engineering-self, highlighted the matrix's more desireable componenets, and for the buck, the bang from the Equinox was best.

I will preface the following with, I am not a gear head.  I leave that to my PBM and I just get on it and ride.  :)  The components are a "tri mix" of Shimano 105 and Dura-ace, which are a step up from my Specialized Allez Vita.  It also has the Profile Aerolite aerobars I had been looking at. And while I don't think my sexy red Rolf Vector Comp wheels entirely match the bike, I hope the Bontragers it's riding on will be comparable.  I realllly liked my old wheels. 

The bike is mainly Trek's Alpha Red Aluminum, with a few carbon pieces.  the ARA is just their premium aluminum. 

Anyway, I go back tonight to get fitted and bring my baby home.  I think I shall name her... but what?

Leave your suggestions and if I choose yours, I'll send you a free gift. :)


Bryan said...

I always thought a girl would name their bike after a guy. Maybe I'm just sexist.

Donna said...

Well then, give me a suggestion! :)

Tiffany said...

Silver Sable...she is a badass super hero from Marvel comics.

BTW, I am in serious bike envy right now.

Donna said...

OMG Tiffany... I love that name. Not because of the name, but because she's a bad-ass super-hero. So awesome. :)

Bryan said...

Donna, thanks for the email. There's always the Silver Surfer...another badass super hero from the comics.

Silver Sable was nicely done though.

Vicky J said...

Are you using your new Tri bike to ride in the MS150 this year?

Donna said...

@Vicky J

I'm skipping the MS150 this year.

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