Newcomer of the Year!

I neglected to mention that my tri club had our end of year party.  It was lots of fun and strange to see so many of them in regular clothes -- not a stich of lycra in the house!

Good food and fun.  Darren even came and met my "other family".  I think he had a good time too!  I also think he might very well try to do the sprint distance for Lonestar in April, which by the way is now a "certified" IM 70.3 course! 

So at the party my club recognized many athletes -- the folks that make me want to get better and better.  Anyway, I was presented with the Female Newcomer of the Year award .  Basically what it means is that I suck a whole lot less than when I started last April.  I'm not the fastest by any stretch, but I try super hard and have come a long way from my first "brick" with the club when I couldn't even run a quarter mile (and now I'm doing 10 miles on Sunday!).
Some of the club folks are trying to convince me to go 70.3.  Why do they taunt me so?  I was content with my decision to do the Oly!


  1. Congrats on all your progress!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your award.

    This Tri stuff is contagious! My brother just started in April and now is pulling me along with him.

    Everyone I have met thru his club is so nice!

    I love my new bike! My brother had brought me over a "real tri bike" and it was just too much for me, so he let me sell it to buy the one I got.

    Hoping the auction goes in your favor!

  3. COngrats! That is so fabulous! What a terrific transformation of your life!! :)



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