Thursday Thirteen - Freakin' Late Again

I guess Ijust like being "tardy for the party"

13 things you'll hear me say...

1)  "I would not be running the way I am if I had not joined my running club."
2)  "It's okay, it's a new level of normal"
3)  "Gotta have the bad to appreciate the good."
4)  "I love you."
5)  "Good morning, Punkin!'"
6)  "What are your plans for today?"
7)  "Mommy's going to exercise."
8)  "I hate Houston."
9)  "Sh*t!  I forgot [insert commonly purchase grocery product here].
10) "Gotta get the laundry done"
11) "I see blinkers/brakes are optional on your [insert luxury vehicle name]"
12)  "I will take care of [insert errand here]"
13)  "What do I want to do?"

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  1. 4 and 11 are my favorite.
    I played too.
    Waving at you from New York


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