Thursday Thirteen

And here we go!

  1. 59 Days until the half-marathon.  And while I've not fully embraced running, it is quite possible I am in some sort of denial, or why then would Iregister for a 12.5 mi. trail run?  Seriously.  That said, it should be fun -- I will take my time and not risk injury, but I do understand that it will be a very different experience from regular running.
  2. Well, thanks for the vibes, but plan "A" for the Trek Equinox fell through.  Evidently some women bought the bike about 90 minutes after I called.  She doesn't realize it, but what she wants is a road bike and the guy tried to tell her tri bikes are different.  He really wanted a triathlete (me) to have it.  When he heard she was going to take it to a local bike store and replace parts to make it road bike friendly, he offered her my name and number, in case they talked sense into her at the bike store.
  3. Even though plan "A" fell through completely an the lady never comes to her senses... I'm holding hope out for plan "B".  Turns out one of my blogging triathlete she-ros is auctioning her old bike and I happened to come across it.  Not many people with her name, so I wrote her to confirm it was her... and it was.  :)  So in 4 days and 4 hours maybe I'll get lucky.  I would really be kind to your previously loved bike, if I were to get it.  :)
  4. Oh... We had our tri club end-of-year party on Monday night.  Guess who was named "Female Newcomer of the Year"?  Me!  While I'm kinda surprised, I totally appreciate the recognition.
  5. A bunch of clubsters are training to do the half iron for Lonestar.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was thinking of going right for the Half instead of the Olympic.  No one will know exactly what I choose except my coach and my clickity fingers when I register!  LOL  Being smart and practical is the only thing holding me back from registering for the half... I also hear being smart and practical is sometimes over-rated.  *shrug*
  6. I have yet to schedule my 3 year post-op appointment... or reschedule my mammogram for that matter... not that anyone needs to know.
  7. Cass-a-frass is loving her new glasses.  She was able to see a difference immediately!  I only wished I recognized sooner how hard it was for her to see!  She looks so much like Darren now!
  8. Holiday hustle and bustle start for us Friday.  Darren is off to AL to pick-up Nana and drive her here for a week.  Then he'll driver her home and fly back to TX. 
  9. Speaking of Darren, he's feeling improvements with is running!  He's going to be doing his first 5K on Turkey Day.  I'm proud of him for sticking to it; I know it's been frustrating to him.  Running seems as if it should be as simple as just walking faster. 
  10. I can never get out of Sam's Club (or insert your favorite warehouse store here) for less than $100.
  11. Have I mentioned I really want a tri bike?  I mean really.  I'm not sure I've been clear.  It doesn't even have to be new!  I'm not picky... that said any Trek, Felt and Cervelo entry level bikes would be welcome under my tree.
  12. My priority registration for the MS150 expires tomorrow.  I promised myself I was not doing the event again, but I did consider volunteering.  With my First Aid, CPR and AED cert and 2 MS150's under me, I can volunteer to be a ride marshal for the event... it really all depends on my training for Lonestar, as the MS150 is just 2 weeks before the Tri... so probably not.
  13. No Thursday 13 next Thursday because I'll be overdosing on turkey.  :)  I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family, taking a moment to recall all the things you are truly thankful for.
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  1. I found your blog about a month ago, but haven't left a comment,some reason my blackberry won't let me.I was looking at shorts reviews and up you came.
    I was hoping you would get the bike you posted about. I hope the auction goes in your favor.

    Anyways just wanted to say Hi and that I have enjoyed your blog.

  2. Hi, enjoyed your list and I'm glad I got to visit today. You had bariatric surgery? Me too! How're you doing? Will be back to visit!

  3. Great list. I'm with you on #13. Unless I do one early on Wednesday next week. This may be the last year I will get "Thanksgiving Full" before my bariatric surgery.

  4. wow, what a great list... enjoyed reading it. Blessings!


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