First Week Conquered!

So I made it through my first official week of training!  I think I made my Mother's head spin with my coming and going between work, training and general holiday errands last week.  By the end of the week it felt good to have stuck it out.  I logged a total of 41 miles between swimming, biking and running. Definitely more than I have done in a week, but it really felt good. 

Yesterday was the "maiden voyage" of my new tri bike!  I still need a little tweaking withe the aerobar length, but overall I felt a difference from my old road bike.  As much as I loved my old bike, it never quite felt like it fit right -- so maybe that's the majority of the difference to start.

20 days until the Houston Half Marathon.  I will be glad to have finished it.  I start tapering a little this week. 

This week's schedule:
MON: Swim drills - 1hr
TUE:  Track / Speedwork
WED:  Off
THU:  Bike 1 hr, 30 min tempo run
FRI:  Swim intervals - 1 hr.
SAT:  "Funnest Run Ever With Chris"  (Chris is one the coaches and I have no idea what this means!)
SUN: Spin 2 hrs, 30 min easy run

My tri club is starting this thing on Sundays:  a 3 hour spin class followed by a run.  It will go 8 weeks -- through the cold weather when people are less likely to ride.  I'm starting on Sunday, but only doing 2 of the hours.  Eveyrone has to submit their favorite song and then is expected lead it.  I don't lead. 

Been kinda sick the last few days.  Yucky sinus thing... not sure if it's cold or allergies.  Just feel general yuck on ot top of congestion.  Funny thing is, if I'm training, my head clears.  When I stop, I stuff up! 

Christmas was good for me and my family.  Everyone got the things they wanted and I consider us very lucky to be able to have a Christmas like that right now.  Everyone's belts are tightened and I was delighted to find that I received a bonus. Just about a week's pay -- which was totally unexpected.  My company is on hiring freeze and we did not received a raise or annual bonus for 2009.  Also our 401K match is frozen until further notice.  So, the "gesture" was a huge suprirse!  Ironically enough it covered the cost of my new tri bike!  LOL


  1. WOW! 41 Miles in one week! Awesome! And I am always excited if I can get in a whole 13-15! LOL

    I am going to start trianing for a half marathon... so the numbers will start to get a little higher!

    Congrats on the work bonus! That is fabulous!



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