Let The Training Begin!

Track work was canceled last night so I got in my 40 easy run and ran the whole thing without intervals. I had left my hear rate monitor home, but my average was HR was 149 according to the treadmill, it included a couple minute cool down. Something weird did happen and it was a total mental thing. For some reason when I got to 32 minutes and realized I was still running, I all of a sudden thought I needed to walk, and did for about 30 seconds. I took a second to make sure nothing was hurting, I wasn't out of breath... all those things that might keep you from running. Nothing was wrong... it was a total mental thing. With that, I just started again. I had never run without intervals before!

Part of what contributed to that small victory was one of the tri coaches showed/explained to me McMillans Running Calculator

Not knowing any better, I assumed that if I wanted to run a < 13 minute pace for the Half Marathon, I would have to train at a  <13 minute pace.  Apparently that is not the case!  So basically I've been killing myself.  Not that it's all lost, I still earned plenty of benefit.  But on my long runs, I was basically "running my race" every weekend.  So, I'm changing my approach a bit and am going to use this caluclator as a guide.

With 40+ days to go until the half, I kind of feel like I lost so much productivity! I know I can't change the past, but the thought of what I could be doing now crosses my mind....
Swim 1500m:
200 swim, 200 kick. 200 pull, 200 swim

8x50 drill nice and easy with 15 seconds rest
25 drill 25 swim: 3 fingertip, 3 catchup, and 2 UWR
4x25 no breathing
4x25 fast on a :45 second interval
100 cool down

The swim was great and definitely a better workout than just getting in and swimming laps!. I definitely had "moments of greatness" where I could just feel like I was moving through the water, and not fighting it; it felt good! There was something curious about my breathing -- usually I breathe every third stroke, to alternate sides. Last night I found myself going every 4th stroke, without even thinking about it. For some reason it became work to think about breathing on alternate sides. I'm told every 3 is optimum, so I need to focus on that.

By the time I got to 150 on the kicks my legs were screaming, but after they rested on the pull set I was good to go, and actually felt good. As far as holding my breath, it appears that I can make it somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 the length of the pool; I could not make it a full length without 1 quick breath. I think the whole swim took me 1:15. It was 9 pm by the time I got done.... I hate getting a late start to workouts!

I'm going for the "fat-dunking" (have my body fat percent testd), RMR (resting metaboloic rate) and v02 max testing on Monday.  I'm curious as to what my RMR is. I was going to do this test last year and never did.

Have my 12.5 mile trail run this weekend.


  1. I thought I'd share thiis with you as I found your blod thru your review...
    I'm making a list for Santa and found a website-freshpair.com and they have several Moving Comfort items on sale with free shipping. They had a few of the plus sizes too (shorts-running and cadence) and a few tops.

    Did you name your bike?

    My hubby named my new bike "Costly" and it stuck- I was leaning towards Casper (pearl white), but Costly it is.

    Is the WSD seat more comfortable? I'm thinking of asking for a seat trade (the shop offered) as mine has the "mens" seat-not sure padding is in the right places :)

  2. San Diego, Ca

    I really need to change the profile-I haven't since the " tri bug" has hit!

    I have listened to Bon Jovi since preganat with son way back in 88- heavy rotation on MTV and that and CNN were the only 24hr channels

    He is graduating in May and goes to school in Utah, so he had mentioned the Las Vegas concert for a potential Grad gift-

    All the songs as an infant must of done something as he his ipod is loaded with all their albums- he left the new CD here when he went back after Tday. :)

    Thanks for the seat info! I'm going to have it changed

    Your DFO sound like mine!

  3. Keep up the good work! I just recently started to run 4 miles straight without intervals... it was great! But I have been so slacking the past few weeks- no more than 30 minutes/2.5 miles at a time... it is going to kill me to bump back up to 4.. and my goal is 5 miles at a time... 3 days a week... :) UGH!

    Keep it up! I love reading about your workouts- eben though I don't always understand- it just reminds me how much further I want to go and what I still need to learn!!

    Keep it up!


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