"tis The Season for Tri Training!

This week marks week 1 of my tri training, with my goal race being the olympic distance at Lonestar

I'm excited and even though this was a tough week to start I committed and got in my workouts, except for Christmas eve!  I had "off" on Xmas day and figured I'd get it in after we took Mom to the airport, but am really congested and feel yuck -- I even set up my bike and trainer in the kitchen and walked back and forth past in, in hopes I'd feel well enough to get on it.  However the thought of trying to breath heavy with my head feeling like it was going to explode got the best of me.  :(

I feel a little bad about skipping the workout, but  I have a long run tomorrow (just 20+ days until the half marathon), so hopefully I will be well enough tomorrow morning -- I will get out there, even if I have to walk it!

My swim workouts were great... so much better than me just getting in the pool and swimming laps.  I actually did drills and intervals.  By the end of each session I could feel like I was swimming better -- I look forward to it not taking me 1000 meters before I feel that way!  LOL 

I've been keeping up with my track workouts too, and I'm starting to see progress there, in little bits and pieces.  It was tough, but I ran an 11:30 mile!  The whol thing... no walking -- to some that might be jogging still, but I have to start somewhere. 

My tri coaches have been great with answering my questions, and that's comforting.  You going into this being self-trained there are lots of holes in my knowledge and I am missing fundamental things one would think I would know already! 

January 3rd we're starting a 3 hour long spin class and run after.  Just for 8 weeks through the coldest part of the Winter here -- it will get us no-excuses saddle time, although nothing beats being on the bike.

Speaking of being on the bike; I haven't been on mine yet!  That changes on Sunday... I have a 1:30 ride scheduled :)

Last week I also went for RMR, V02 max and a Body Fat % plunge -- it is all helpful information, but there are some numbers you just shouldn't know!


  1. Yo, Donna. I came across your blog while lurking on Beginner Triathlete Forums. I'm doing my first tri at Lonestar as well, Olympic distance. I'm running the marathon on Jan 17.

    Who do you train with? I'm thinking about joining Tri On the Run's training group here in Houston. They have a Lonestar training program.


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