Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Workout

So I'm on Day 1 of my Levoxyl to treat my Hypothyroidism. Doc said I might feel shaky... really I don't feel a thing. I was a little nervous about going to the gym this morning, but there was nothing dramatic. From what I've read, I probably won't feel a difference in anything for a couple of weeks.

So, the beatings have resumed...


Circuit 1

3 sets 15

BB Squats
15 (warm-up) 45 lbs.
10 x 95 lbs.
10 x 105 lbs.
10 x 115 lbs.


Circuit 2

DB Chest Press
15 x 20 lbs.
15 x 20 lbs.
15 x 20 lbs.

Chest Flys
15 x 15 lbs.
15 x 15 lbs.
15 x 12 lbs.

Sumo Squats w/12 lbs. dumbbells
3 sets of 15; hold last one of each set for 15 to 20 seconds


Circuit 3

Bench Dips
3 sets of 15

Step-ups (2.5 ft)
3 sets of 10

Lateral Raises
3 sets of 12 x 12 lbs.

3 for 30 seconds each


Circuit 4

Basic Crunches
3 sets 40

Tricep Extensions
3 sets 15 x 20 lbs.

King Squats (w/12 lb. dumbbells)
3 sets of 15

3 sets of 20


1 50 minutes of Step Aerobics

Friday, January 30, 2009


Take a guess...

Go on...

It's what we all thought; I'm Hypothyroid. Didn't think I'd be so happy to say it, but I am. He cut me a prescription for Levoxyl, which you better believe, I will be starting today. He said I might be a little shaky to start, but to tough it out. He said I also might see some weight loss.... and (wait for it) not to take 2 a day.

Imagine... eating right, exercising AND lose weight. I might think I'm dreaming if I don't see a 4 to 7 lb. fluctuation a couple times a week!

Now, I asked if I could have broke my own thyroid. Given the fact that I restricted calories so long as a result of the RNY, could that have something to do with it? He said that question was "interesting" and "good". He'd also said he'd love to see my bloodwork pre-op. Which I happen to have. He said he'd be able to tell if I was or wasn't. Hey, if it helps someone else, that's all I care about.

My Prolactin levels were a high too. Prolactin is most familiar to us when it comes to breast-feeding, but it's also important to visits by Aunt Flo and PMS. So hopefully once my thyroid is fixed, my Prolactin will get in line.

I really like this guy... he's a little quirky, but you can tell he knows, he knows his stuff. :)

Never thought I'd be so happy to hear something is wrong with me.

Finally Friday

This week has been crazy. I have been sick all week and even spent 2 days at home. I had to miss Cassie's class trip to NASA, so she was bummed (as was I).

So the news I got on Monday was good, in that what the Endo felt was a normal, nodular lymph. Evidently my thyroid is small, so I guess the relative size of the nodule to the thyroid raised the question mark? I will ask about it today. Just glad that the C word is not par of the equation now.

Today I go back to the Endo and will hopefully get the results to the rest of my blood tests. I am not sure the Thyrel (ol sp?) test results will be back for today's visit, but here's hoping. There will be an update later, for sure.

I am still fighting the crud, but really want to ride with my team tomorrow morning -- I mean, at some point I need to meet them! April is around the corner and the MS150 will be here in no time. By the way... thanks to all of you who contributed. I met my minimum fundraising requirement! That guarantees me 2 days of severe pain for my glutious maximus -- emphasis on the "maximus." :) I know the economy sucks and people don't have as much to give, so I'm genuinely and sincerely grateful.

More later...

Oh! One more thing... I got iPod Bike-to-Beach Speakers for my bike. I am soooo excited., as it will make long solo rides more bearable. This contraption mounts on the bike Tube and houses your iPod inside. Way cool... and just $37. I suppose I'm late to the game though -- as it was originally $90+. Guess the novelty has worn off!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me? Tagged??

Tagged by MM and the she-Rebel/Saint. :)

1) I hate Houston. Even though I live here, it ain't home. :(
2) I'm one of those freaks who actually likes (my Granmother's) fruitcake.
3) I run... but only after I swim and bike -- I loathe running.
4) Some people like shoes and clothes, I have a thing for $NICE$ bags -- buy'em and sell'em like used cars on Ebay and will search tirelessly for the right deal.
5) I believe that just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean you have to wear it. ;)
6) Can't start my day without breakfast, but can't eat the moment I rise, either.
7) Scrambled eggs make me barf.
8) Just got a pair of Uggs -- I love them; don't know why it took me so long. It's like I died and went to pedi-heaven.
9) Love listening to choral music (still)
10) Enjoy books aobut living well and good health
11) While I'm good at what I do for a living, it's not my passion.
12) In reference to 11 -- I'm not sure what that "passion" is. Oiy.
13) It's never about winning -- it's only about starting and finishing.
14) I can still do a cart-wheel and a split -- 4 year olds keep 41 year olds young!
15) To mix things up at the gym, I enjoy boxing the snot out of my trainer. :)
16) "It's fun to be strong." (A quote from Cheryl Haworth USA Weightlifting Team) tickles me. She's right.
17) The best sound is my Daughter's whole-hearted belly laugh.
18) The first things I have when I go back to Jersey: Bagels, Pizza, Pork Roll, Subs and DnD. LOL (Shit! just re-read this -- good thing I got out of Jersey when I did!)
19) Even though it is more of an automotive cocoon, I think it's great my Husband hasn't given up on restoring his old Mustang.
20) I have ideas. Lots of'em.
21) Since starting a family, I've had to find a new level of "normal", but still feel badly when I can't get to everything. Of course, it begs to be asked, "What is normal?"
22) In reference to 22 -- prioritizing life is a constant challenge!
23) Life is good.
24) Can't imagine my life without my Huband and Daughter; I'm a lucky duck.
25) It's been great bumping into friends here on FB, even if only for a quick "Hi, how the hell are you after all these years!?!"

Cassie's School Takes Action

Though this is the Primrose in Atlanta, Cassie's location did the same celebration.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here We are Again...

Another Monday. :)

Soooooo, after getting over the shock that the possibility of that I could have cancerous Thyroid nodules, I collected myself and got my head right. You would think with all the cancer awareness stuff I do, all the people I know who support or survive it, all the biking, walking and (yes) singing for the cure I've done, Icould have maintained composure. I mean it's only a 5% to 7% chance.

That said, it is what it is. And no matter what it is, it will be dealt with swiftly. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers... If you really want to know what you can do, just be upbeat and positive -- I'm far from doom and gloom at the moment.

Soooo, today I go for imaging. That's the first step.

In other news the Frost 50 was yesterday, and it was just about that, 50 degrees -- maybe a hair warmer. I was chilly, but I felt I had appropriate gear I was neither too hot or unbearably cold, so that was good. There was a tiny bit of wind, but nothing so terrible.

My goals were to focus on keeping my cadence above 80 for duration of the ride AND minimize my "rest" time. Both were accomplished. :) Averaged 14.1 miles... not bad for the first long distance ride of the year.

This was funny though -- I actually had people drafting off me! Not that I minded terribly, but pay a sistah back for draggin' you butt for 30 minutes, yo. :(

Selfishness obviously brings out the "ganstah" in me. But these were some of the girls we were riding for. There's 70 of them. Each of them made 4 loaves of banana bread, which they served at the rest stop. Nice kids... cheering everyone on and being supportive.

Here's some fun and games with the Cassinator at the park:

Eating "Mexico Food" on a wild and loco Saturday night. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thyroid and Findings

2 separate things are happening with me:

1) Anatomy - I have nodule(s). Definiteyl 1, possibly more. Going for Ultrasound to see how many there actually are. Doc was surprised that no one detected them sooner. He felt them with a simple examination of my neck, while he had me drinking water.

2) Function - We agree; most likely I am Hypothyroid.

In spite of a "normal" TSH, I could still have an underactive thyroid. This guy ran a timed TRH test, as well as took blood:

Anti Microsomal AB
Anti Thyroglobulin AB
Free T3
Free T4
Prolactic X5
T3 Update
T4 Total

Even though the stats are in my favor, only 5% of Thyroid Nodules are Cancerous, it still freaked me out -- one step at time. One step at a time. I'm just glad I'm not crazy. First the Ultrasound, then the biopsy.

That's it for now; don't feel much like talking about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Had to have my A, E and K blood tests redrawn, thanks to Lab Corp's lack of equipment -- Light and blood for vitamin tests do not mix! They didn't have the right tubes to shield the blood from the light.

So my B12 is low; I got a shot to help with that. He said it wasn't terribly low, but still lower than he likes to see. Everything else that was low on my last visit was good.

As far as he's concerned, if I am exhibiting classic Hypothyroid symptoms, then we'll move forward as such until it is proven otherwise. I go to an Endocrinologist on Friday morning. Ugh! I just want some answers. While my doc didn't tell me what his thoughts were exactly, he did say, "Your problems could be more thyroid related than you think."

More waiting...

1,193 Calories today
60 minutes of cardio a 80% - 85% HR
5 circuits.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Blackberries are only good digital assistants if the data you put in them is accurate.

My appointment is tomorrow... I was all physched for today. Oh well. :(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Repeating GOOD Behavior :)

Back to the gym today. 5 different circuits and 60 minutes of quality cardio, plus warm-up and cool down. I have to say that today there were several times I wanted to stop the cardio -- it was tougher to get through the hour, but I did it.

Every time I thought about quitting, I recognized I was feeling guilty I was taking the time for me. I know that I shouldn't. Feel guilty, that is.

I am worth it.
My health is an important priority.

As much as I do it, it's ironic how I still struggle with motivation.

I spend all week long running right and left. Taking 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday, and still getting all my "chores" done should not leave me feeling badly (i.e. guilty)!

Scale is moving down; that is nice. Tomorrow I see Dr. W to discuss my labs and potential thyroid issues.

I'm off... I stink and have tons to do. :) Shower, Laundry, Playground and Socks!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feel Good

So I listened to the Jillian Michael's radio segments during my workout... lots of good stuff! And though I didn't make it there for spin, I did my full circuit plan, plus 60 minutes of cardio @ 80% - 85% HR, plus 5 minute warmup and cooldown.

Circuit 1

3 sets 15

BB Squats
15 (warm-up) 45 lbs.
10 x 95 lbs.
10 x 105 lbs.
10 x 115 lbs.

Circuit 2
DB Chest Press
15 x 20 lbs.
12 x 20 lbs.
15 x 17.5 lbs.

Chest Flys
15 x 17.5 lbs.
12 x 17.5 lbs.
15 x 12 lbs.

Sumo Squats w/12 lbs. dumbbells
3 sets of 20; hold last one of each set for 20 seconds

Circuit 3
Bench Dips
3 sets of 15

Leg Extensions
15 x 110 lbs.
12 x 105 lbs.
15 x 100 lbs.

Lateral Raises
3 sets of 12 x 12 lbs.

3 for 30 seconds each

Circuit 4
Basic Crunches
3 sets 20

Tricep Extensions
3 sets 15 x 20 lbs.

King Squats (w/12 lb. dumbbells)
3 sets of 15

3 sets of 20

1 hour of Cardio Intervals at 80% to 85% HR
5 minute warm-up
5 minute cool-down

Stumbled Upon

I know not everyone has the taste for Jillian Michaels, and sometimes the re-splicing the biggest loser producers do, don't always show her depth of knowledge outside of breaking down and rebuilding a contestant.

Hubs found this link to KFI AM Radio where Jillian has a 2 hour long talk show. You can download her shows in MP3 format... for free. You can also easily add to your google reader. She covers some great topics:

- Science of Metabolism
- Science of Addiction
- Technology Fittness
- Repeating Negative Behavior
- Therapy isn't a bad word

and much, much more. I haven't listened yet, but I downloaded enough to listen for a week of workouts. LOL

KFI AM 640 - Jillian Michaels Radio Show

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surgeon General Announces New Family Health History Tool

Surgeon General’s New Family Health History Tool Is Released, Ready for “21st Century Medicine”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today released an updated and improved version of the Surgeon General’s Internet-based family health history tool. The new tool makes it easier for consumers to assemble and share family health history information. It can also help practitioners make better use of health history information so they can provide more informed and personalized care for their patients.

“This valuable tool can put family histories to work to improve patient well-being and the quality of care,” HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt said. “The tool is built on health information technology standards that make it more convenient for consumers and more useful for practitioners. It is ready for use in electronic health records. And its software code will be openly available to other health organizations, so they can customize and build on its standards base.”

“Family history has always been an important part of good health care, but it has been underused,” said Acting Surgeon General Steven Galson, a rear admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service. “Today, with our growing knowledge of genetics, family history is becoming even more important. The new tool will help consumers and clinicians alike. It will also serve as a platform for developing new risk assessment software that will help in screening and prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.”

Key features of the new version of the Surgeon General’s My Family Health Portrait include:

Convenience – Consumers can access the tool easily on the Web. Completing the family health history profile typically takes 15-20 minutes. Consumers should not have to keep filling out different health history forms for different practitioners. Information is easily updated or amended.

Consumer control and privacy – The family health history tool gives consumers access to software that builds a family health tree. But the personal information entered during the use of the tool is not kept by a government or other site. Consumers download their information to their own computer. From there, they have control over how the information is used.

Sharing – Because the information is in electronic form, it can be easily shared with relatives or with practitioners. Relatives can add to the information, and a special re-indexing feature helps relatives easily start their own history based on data in a history they received. Practitioners can help consumers understand and use their information.

EHR-ready, Decision support-ready – Because the new tool is based on commonly used standards, the information it generates is ready for use in electronic health records and personal health records. It can be used in developing clinical decision software, which helps the practitioner understand and make the most use of family health information.

Personalization of care – Family history information can help alert practitioners and patients to patient-specific susceptibilities.

Downloadable, customizable – The code for the new tool is openly available for others to adopt. Health organizations are invited to download and customize, using the tool under their own brand and adding features that serve their needs. Developers may also use the code to create new risk assessment software tools.

The first adopter of the HHS-developed tool is the National Institute of Genomic Medicine of Mexico (INMEGEN). Dr. Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez, director general of the institute, will release the Mexican Spanish-language version of the tool in Mexico City this month. The Mexican family health history tool will be available on the INMEGEN Web site, http://www.inmegen.gob.mx/ .

The Indian Health Service, an agency of HHS that was instrumental in developing the new Surgeon General tool, will also adopt it into the IHS care system.

One organization saying it will link to the new tool is the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), a cancer advocacy organization. “A strong family health history tool can be an important element for guiding medical decision-making, especially in the area of cancer screening, prevention and early detection,” said LAF founder and chairman Lance Armstrong. “This tool will further the capabilities of electronic health records and takes a significant step toward improving clinical care.”

The Surgeon General’s My Family Health Portrait was originally launched in 2004, but the first version was not standards-based. The new tool was developed under Secretary Leavitt’s Initiative on Personalized Health Care. It will be hosted by the National Cancer Institute, where the caBIG® initiative is pioneering health IT networks and software sharing. A ready process for organizations to download the family health history code is at https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/projects/fhh .

The Surgeon General’s new My Family Health Portrait tool is located at https://familyhistory.hhs.gov . In addition, a presentation of sample risk assessment tools under development can be viewed at http://videocast.nih.gov/summary.asp?live=7297 .


I guess the lurker's question spawned some curiosity. :) That's cool. You ask. I'll tell. Corrie wants to know:

"What does your daily schedule look like?"

First, I couldn't get everything done without the help of my Husband. We have to work together so that Cassie gets taken care of and we both have our workout needs met.

Also, it sounds like a luxury, but really it is not, I have a cleaning lady every-other-week who takes care of the "BIG" clean for me. If I didn't have her, my weekends would be spent cleaning our home PLUS everything else. We've thought about cutting it from the budget, but there is just no way I/we could take care of everything and get appropriate sleep and time for ourselves -- and that's important too!

And second, my company/Boss totally support balancing home and work lives, so I have a flexible schedule and leave at either 3 pm or 3:30 pm. Very. Lucky.

Are you ready? It made me tired thinking of it!

4:30 Rise and Shine! (Get me ready, Cass ready, breakfast/lunch/snacks together)
5:45 Leave the House for work (I Carpool 2 days a week)
6:30 Arrive at work
Eat, but Work Through Lunch
3:30 Leave Work - Depending on the day, (Mon/Thu) leave at 3pm).

Muscle Rest Day - Cardio only (gym from 3:45-5)
Pickup Cass by 5; grab dinner
Cassie has Gymnastics at 6
Home by 7
Cass in bed by 7:30 - 8:00
Mommy in bed by 9

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Ciruit Training at Cardio (gym from 4:15 to 5:50)
Pickup Cass by 6
Home /Dinner
Cass in bed by 7:30 - 8:00Mommy in bed by 9

Muscle Rest Day - Cardio only (gym from 3:45-5) Pickup Cass head home - grab dinner Dance Class for Cass at 6:50Home by 7:50Cass in bed by 8:00 - 8:30Mommy in bed by 9

Circuit Training & Spin Class -- or -- 24 Lift & Cardio
Regular Mommy Chores/Routine
Mommy in bed by 9

Bike Ride (shoot for 35 miles) - Weather Permitting
Regular Mommy Chores/RoutineSome kind of quality family time
Mommy in bed by 9

Perhaps I should self-proclaim myself a Super Mom. :)

How Do I Stuff My Pie Hole in the Morning?

A lurker wants to know,

"If you had a Gastric Bypass, how come you can eat so much at breakfast?"

Well, the truth is I don't eat all that at one meal. I eat my egg whites around 6:30 and the Oatmeal (or my healthy-carb-of-choice) around 9:00. In doing so though, often I don't eat a morning snack, unless it's a protein drink. Oatmeal is pretty filling and sticks to me for a while.

Sometimes I have my egg whites with a low carb/whole wheat tortilla, then I don't have a "second" breakfast, so to speak, since I got my carbs in earlier that morning.

Unfortunately Eggs are a challenge for me sometimes; they're such a great source of protein! Sometimes they are pouch friendly, and sometimes they are not. If I'm not careful as to how I cook them (I cannot whip them to make them fluffy) or, if I don't cook them with something else, like meat or cheese and mix them together before eating, the whites get stuck and I get sick... lovely, I know. It's really embarrassing to get sick at work and it's happen like 4 times now. It's only thing that seems to bother me.

Breakfast is usually, and intentionally, my biggest meal of the day. So if it takes me a while to eat and get all the nutrition in, that's fine with me. :)

Thanks for the question.
Last night's workout was good. I felt spent... the good kind of spent. The circuits had me sweating my a$$ off in no time. 3 sets of 10 on everything, no breaks, except between circuits for like a minute.

Just for fun, I added some King Squats. A little awkward feeling at first, but I became acclamated by the 2nd set. Have to remember to get the front foot far enough out in front of you, so that when you squat you don't let your knee go beyond your foot planted on the floor.

More of the same today -- just having some Kamut Cakes and SF preserves with my protein for a morning and afternoon snack. Dance Class for Cassie tonight, so JIB for dinner -- I'm thankful there is a decent option for us. Even with dance class though, I am determined to get my hour of cardio in. Today is my "rest" day for my muscles, so there's no reason I can't pull-out a quality hour of intervals. :)

Missed recording Idol last night (sh*t!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diettribe... On Lifetime

Haven't seen it myself; just ran across it on the Internet; very Biggest Loser-ish.

You Know You Love Her...

So vote for her... the Weight Loss Surgery Community's very own Melting Mama...

Yesterday was a 98% day for me. I blew it when I got home from the gym. Ugh!

Yesterday afternoon I missed my snack and by the time I finished working out (only did 50 minutes of cardio, after lifting, instead of an hour -- had to pickup the Cassinator).

I was so hungry when I got home!!! I got home and made Cassie dinner: a lowfat cheese and pinto bean quesadilla (on a low carb/whole wheat tortilla) and a salad. In the time it took me to make her dinner, then mine, I ate two 1/8th slice pieces of quesadilla and 4 baby carrots. By the time I sat down to my chicken and veggies I was kinda full. I must not skip the afternoon snack!

That said, here's the plan for today... pretty much the same as yesterday. Just posting to be accountable.

As for the workout plan, today I am targeting: Back-Biceps-hamstrings-Glutes-Obliques

Circuit 1
Lat Pull-down (70 lbs, 80 lbs., 90 lbs.)
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts (60 lbs.)

Circuit 2
Seated Cable Row (70 lbs., 80 lbs, 80 lbs.)
Static Lunges (w/15 lb. DB's)

Circuit 3
Back Extensions
Hamstring Curls (90 lbs., 90 lbs., 90 lbs.)

Circuit 4
Dumbell Curls (17.5 lbs, 20 lbs., 20 lbs.)
Bicycle Crunches

Circuit 5
Concentration Curls (15 lbs., 15 lbs. 12 lbs)
Russian Twist

King Squats (3 sets of 10)

50 to 60 minutes of Cardio at 80% to 85% heart rate

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks, Food and Workout

First, thanks to Janine and Jessica (Holla!) for their donations to my MS150 effort! I reallly am super grateful for your support, as are those waiting for a cure for MS!

That said, my buttocks thank you too -- I'll think fondly of all those who donated when the bike saddle has worn through my glutes and I feel like I'm sitting on bone at about 80 miles in. It's getting on that bike the start of Day 2 that's so bad!

Wanna feel my love and gratuity too? Click here to support me on the MS150 ride. Every little bit helps!

Here's the regular mumbo-jumbo! Food for today... it's not your eyes, click to see the full-size.

And workout plan:

Circuit 1
BB Squats

Circuit 2
DB Chest Press
Chest Flys
Sumo Squats

Circuit 3
Bench Dips
Leg Extensions
Lateral Raises

Circuit 4
Basic Crunches
Tricep Extensions
King Squats

1 hour of Cardio at 80% to 85% HR

Monday, January 12, 2009

Recap and Randomness

Saturday I headed to the gym for cardio-lift class. I skipped spin because I thought my legs needed more recovery time from my squatfest. Of course the first thing we do when class starts, is what? Squats! (that's what I get!)

Sunday I headed back to the gym for 60 minutes of Cardio. I made a conscious effort to keep between 80% - 85% on my heart rate... it was a workout. I was glad I lasted the entire hour -- thank goodness for iPods.

I had a jewelry and candle party on Sunday. That was fun... today it's back to work and all that stuff. Cass has gymnastics tonight, so it's a dinner of convenience. Although surprisingly there is a decent option at JIB (about the only options I found on their website)... So I don't feel so guilty. Cass gets the same thing I do. She calls it, "Mommy's Chicken". LOL

So I earned these "rewards points" from 24 hour fitness and got a few things with them. One of them was Jillian Michaels' book, "Winning by Losing". It has some good stuff in it and I've got some ideas for my workouts:

SUN: 1 hour Cardio
MON: REST / Cardio
TUE: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads, Rectus, Abs
WED: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Obliques
THU: REST / Cardio
FRI: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads, Rectus, Abs
SAT: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Obliques

Friday, January 09, 2009

99 Days Until the MS150

99 days to get riding longer distances.
99 days to convince my body to cooperated so I am lugging less lard up and down the hills of Austin.
99 days to beg you for an e-pledge... seriously, I am begging.
99 days to raise $400 -- Just $5... even $1 gets me closer to my requiremed fundraising goal

Last year was my first MS150. Just being a part of the MS150 as a rider really opened my eyes to how many folks both suffer and survive with this disease day-to-day. My involvement not only connected me to folks who are doing amazing things while surviving with MS, but I also learned that 3 people I personally know (including a family member!) live with MS -- I might not have ever known otherwise. I just cannot sit back and not do something to help. MS is a progressive neurological disorder and affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that. Living with MS means living with uncertainty. Another American is diagnosed every hour of every day. Many people are joining the movement toward a world free of MS. Ordinary people banning together to do extraordinary things can bring the MS Society the resources to help bring us closer to a cure.

Please visit my e-pledge page.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

On the Flip-side of the Hump Day

I actually set-foot in the gym yesterday, for non-cycling cardio *gasp* and strength training *gasp*gasp*. I know. Hard to believe, but it's true! I saw my former trainer at the gym and of course he had to make a big deal, by yelling my name at the top of his lungs...followed by, "I'm happy to see you here." Do you think he was trying to tell me something??? LOL

Of course it doesn't surprise me that I feel pretty good today; amazing how that works. Plus I slept through the night and didn't wake up but 2 minutes before my alarm went off!

I am , however, considering waking at 4am to hit the gym; change up my schedule a little bit. I'm not sure how this would work schedule-wise, but if I can be home by 5:30 to wake the Cassinator, it might work for me. I might give it a go next week and see. I would just have to go to be a tad earlier the night before -- but I have to make this a priority, as it should be.

I am officially registered for the Frost 50 this morning, and am going for the 55 mile ride. I'm not sure I'll have any partners in crime for this event, but April and the Ms150 comes quickly, and I want to be as ready as possible.

The other day, instead of the gym, I took Cassie out on her bike. We went around our neighborhood and it's 1.1 miles. My little "cyclist-in-training," managed to ride her bike the entire way! Of course we did have to stop to check out the trees, the flowers, the ant hills and the cracks in the sidewalk. But she did it! That's a good distance for a 4 year old -- let alone her keeping interest. She wants to do it again, but next time wants to ride to the "Blue Park" (where there's a blue playground apparatus). That's a little farther distance, but we might try it this weekend. If she keeps it up she'll be ready to do the Space Race's Family Fun Run/Ride!

On keeping accountable, yesterday I nixed my afternoon protein shake (have I said how much I hate the Nectar Sweets Vanilla Bean Torte?). At Dinner I had some of my turkey meatloaf instead of chicken, and for my evening snack I had some Fage 2% yogurt with a little crushed pineapple and a sprinkle of coconut... I also added some splenda and vanilla and it tasted like ambrosia. I think I will play with this as a recipe, for sure.

Here's the plan for today (click to see the full-size version). Pretty much the same for most meals, but for lunch I'm having one of those Campbell's Healthy Harvest light soup varieties. It has less sodium (not no sodium), at 480 mg per serving. Could be better... could be worse, but I hate the 0% sodium soups more than Vanilla Beat Torte Protein. I toss in a can of chicken breast for some more protein and substance.

So not much else going on but waiting for my protein to come, along with my new shaker cups! Oh! I found a clearance sale on 20 oz. Blender Bottle Shakers; a 2 pack for $9 and some change. They're the perfect size; not to big and not too small. I've had my Blender Ball cup for about a year now and it still seals perfectly.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

General Stuff and Super Sleuthing the Thyroid...

So not really anything different on the food front. Pretty much the same thing I ate yesterday, but 1/4th of an apple in place of the cherries for my morning and afternoon snacks.

I've been drinking the Nectar Sweets Vanilla Torte Protein. Love their Lattes, but this one really fails to satisfy. Although it does dissolve easily in shaker cup, I don't like the way it looks when you mix it with water. It somewhat separates and gets a translucent look about it. The flavor, well, I like the Labrada V90 vanilla better. I need some good low carb vanilla protein!!!

I've been Tivo'ing Oprah Best Life series this week and watched the first installment last night. I have to say I really felt her pain. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen her so angry at something (herself) since the cattle ranchers took her to court. It was genuine, for sure. I appreciate her candor and honesty.

That said, I think she longs for something more than just "balance". I don't think that's what it's really about, and that's a fine answer for viewers at home. I just hope she's keeping it real privately.

People forget that she did lose of 90 lbs. and kept more than 40 off before the most recent fall off the wagon. I thought it wild she had to visit so many doctors, only to have the viewers write her and tell her it was a thyroid issue. Of course, eventually, a doctor confirmed it, but why are doctors so reluctant to diagnose?

In terms of my own possible thyroid issues, I know I'm on to something -- thanks to Corrie noting me and telling me about Hashimoto's disease. It's actually a top cause of Hypothyroidism and can go undetected. It is actually and autoimmune disease where antibodies slowly attack the thyroid and it can take years before a TSH screening would show anything. I know I have classic (and undeniable) symptoms, the more I read the more testing I want done.

Something else I've never received an explanation for is my large weight fluctuations (like over night, or for 2 or 3 days). This has happened to me since my professional dieting career started! LOL Of course I know it wasn't real weight, but it's still a mind f*ck nonetheless. But as I read I'm learning there are periods where the thyroid can go in and out of good function, even causing temporary hyperthyroidism and then a return to hypothyroidism. Cycles like this can lead to periods of weight loss then weight gain/or no loss. Since last April I've been around 212, but as and as high as 219 (even if just for a couple days, then comes back down). When I would tell people this they think I'm crazy... really I'm not!

I can't determine if I'm truly depressed. I mean, I know no one wants to admit it, but if I'm keeping it real, I think I'm more frustrated and feel like a failure. *wah!* I know I've cried this river before, but in my whacky head losing the weight is not just about being healthy, but also about succeeding in life. That's the part I need to change and I'm trying to do that in my head.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Food Journal 1/6/09

Remember, click to see full-size. :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

-this space for rent-

It's Sunday and I still have a ton to do. the last thing I should be doing is sitting here blogging. :)
  • Last of the Xmas Stuff away
  • Sam's Club
  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry
  • Make my Turkey Meatloaf
  • Plan party menu (hosting a Silpada and PartyLite Party on behalf of my hairdresser next weekend) I'll be visiting Eggy's site for some ideas. :)
Yesterday I hit the gym for a killer Spin class and some upper body. My legs are sooooo sore! See, kids, this is what happens when you're away from the gym for a few weeks... you hurt all oaver again. Let this be a lesson to you!

Gotta give kudos to Hubs... 6 days of workouts in a row! It might be 7 now, actually.

Today in spite of the overcast and wet roads I went out on my bike... only did about 13 miles, but made the most of it and did some sprinting drills and kept my cadence 85, but no less than 80. My goal this year is to ride a better cadence.

So now about the bloodwork...

Did you know your body stores several years worth of a B12 supply? I wasn't short last year... but this year I am.

If I'm being totally honest with myself, I don't know why I didn't see the B-12 deficiency sooner; I mean I had signs including eyesight issues (just had to get a new, surprisingly stronger, perscription) and short-term memory issues. On New Year's Day I had some tingling in one of my toes... I thought it was just from having stepped on it wrong.

I take 500 mcg of sublingual b12 (Twinlabs) once a day. I go back to the Dr. W for follow-up, but until I'll just start taking two a day.

I don't take the B12 shortage lightly, but I know I can get it resolved one way or another. I am going to try the Bariatric Advantage Sublingual B12's/1000 mcg. My surgeon's protocol was for Flintstone's Complete -- I've been taking them pretty regularly, but maybe I need to grow-up and stop sharing vitamins with the Cassinator. :)

Evidently this deficiency can impact mood... and moody I have been. It still doesn't answer why I'm freaking cold all the time and why the rivers "flo" like they've just broken past a damn. I guess I'm headed to the OBGYN about all that mess.

We shall see....

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Now here's a cause I can connect with!

Biggest Loser Season 7 Supertease!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Bloodwork Results

I should be happy... overall they're fine. I'm a little low on B12, but everything else (those items that were deficient last year) are now normal, including my cholesterol Ratio.

My Vits A and E could not be tested -- they have to perform another draw.

I should be happy, but the Thyroid function was normal and there's no indicators of any other issues.

More detail tomorow. After spin and lift.


All Will be Mine in 2009!

So here's the obligatory New Year's entry. A day late (do doubt a dollar short). I'm not much for resolutions; never have been, but I do appreciate the concept of a new year and a fresh start.

Instead I will reflect on some highlights from 2009:
  • Lost some weight... even though it was as much as I hoped for, it is still trending down.
  • Did my first MS150
  • Did my first full Triathlon
  • Ran (not walked) my first 5K
  • Made it through Hurricane Ike
  • Had a great 10 day vacation in NJ and caught up with friends
  • Got final word that Cassie is brain-cancer free.
  • Rode with Lance Armstrong for a nanosecond... as he passed me on the Livestrong course.
  • Set some Personal Best records with my weightlifting
  • Had a great annual review at my job.
  • The DFO (Domestic Financial Officer aka Darren) and I finally implemented a successful and routine savings plan.
And since I personally did not want to resolve to do anything specific for 2009, one of my co-workers felt compelled to compose some resolutions for me (for humor's sake). This is the list she left me on my desk
  • Brush-up on table manners; you'll never know when you'll need elevated etiquette.
  • Buy only generic/store branded batteries
  • Acquire handle-bar streamers and bike bell for road bike (before the MS150)
  • Get polarized lenses in your daily-wear sunglasses
  • Teach Cassie upper level humorous profanity (I asked her if "Shrek" qualified)
  • Beat your lactose intolerance the old fashioned way; go for it! Your immunities will eventually kick in.
  • Try to increase demand for Funyons. They're delicious and more and more difficult to find. Let's do our part ot bring'em back.
  • Clean up your act and start acting "white". You're an IT Manager, not a gangster, and this isn't New Jersey. (Guess they're uncomfortable with me pounding my chest and hollering "peace-out" to the youngin' s in the office... I'm just trying to be hip! Hate the playah... hate the game.)
  • Rekindle your East Coast accent or acquire a southern drawl.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

In short order I will be putting together a new training plan. Since I'm committed to the Danskin Tri, MS150 and LiveStrong (As along as the amazing Coco is coming to Austin) I need to get on the ball with multi-sport training.

Confirmed & Potential Events (Going for at least 1 a month.)

Frost 50

Tri County Hill Hopper
Peddaling the Prairie

The Guaranty Bank Tour de Houston

Space Race

The Wild Ride Bike Rally

Danskin Tri


Take on the Heat Triathlon

Tour de Pink

LiveStrong Challenge



There are a couple things I do want to work towards, but refuse to call them resolutions because they are things that will take time and thought... I don't want a deadline looming over my head to determine weather I've "achieved" or "failed" -- just to make positive progress would be acceptable:
  • Get more serious about my bike training... work towards a steady cadence, faster average speed and higher mileage for the year. Last year I got in just under 1,000 miles.
  • Figure out what it is I want to do when I grow-up and come up with a plan for distance learning... AGAIN.
  • Evaluate schools for Cassie and come up with a solid education path.
  • Get more serious about swimming... train enough for the tri distances required. Maybe join a multi-sport training group.