Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Called...

They want their spray tan back. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brick Today!

Today's training was a bike/run brick. I'm pretty happy. :)

First the bike I did in my neighborhood, instead of meeting up with BAM -- I just didn't have time to do my brick so late in the evening today. The ride out was awesome with tailwinds and speeds of 20+ mph! I paid for it on the way back. Ended up averaging almost 15 mph... Totally acceptable given the wind.

I've decided that I am no longer going to "check" for wind. All I have in Houston is wind. The only "hills" we have are bridges and overpasses... so I may as well take the resistance where I can.

I wasn't sure how the run was going to go. I intended to do 3, but 2.6 had to do; I mis-routed the course I guess. Anyway I averaged as 12.06 pace... that's my best pace to date! I think that long 5 mile run helped... I don't know.

I'm a happy girl, and feeling very accomplished today.

Crazy 8's

Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1.) Getting Cass' room painted
2.) Improving in both running and swimming; all things Tri
3.) Less running around over the summer? Less hectic, maybe?
4.) Darren and I doing a tri together-- maybe.
5.) The weekend... of course.
6.) Gettin' right with my Thyroid.
7.) Finishing this large-ass project at work
8.) The day my help desk person doesn't come in acting like a crabby patty, or that her problems are bigger than everyone else's.

8 Things I Did Yesterday (not in this order):
1.) Fought with Cass about what to wear in her hair. (No, you can't wear ponies, a headband AND barrettes)
2.) Fought with Cass about what to eat (No, Easter candy is not for breakfast)
3.) Went to work and thought Tuesday was Wednesday (for realz... check my FB page.)
4.) Swam, swam and swam some more. Oh, and lfted.
5.) Ate gross savory seafood penne for dinner... was good initially, but it is a "Leftover FAIL"
6.) Lance twittered that his Daughter did a tri -- tried to google it and see how she did. No luck "Stalker FAIL" LOL
7.) Tried to explain drive mappings vs. rights assignments to our controller and watched her head spin like the kiddo in Poltergeist.
8.) Ate well.

8 Things I Wish I Could/Want To Do:
1.) My kingdom for a supportive, comfortable and good fitting tri top!
2.) Cut off my pannus... when the time is right.
3.) Have another kiddo -- Don't tell me, I know, the clock is ticking
4.) Leave Houston... for where, I don't care.
5.) Have all the fool-proof answers to keep my kid safe, teach her right and trust her parents.
6.) Maybe.... just maybe... a half marathon or Olympic distance tri -- after #2 happens.
7.) Make Mom understand life is too short to spend it working all the time; she's missing out on so much. The sun will still rise and set even if she's not at work.
8.) Get Darren all the time and money he needs to finish that automotive cocoon in the garage called a "Mustang"

8 Shows I watch (you can tell I don't have HBO anymore):

1.) Rescue Me
2.) 30 Rock
3.) 24
4.) Damages
5.) Idol
6.) Biggest Loser
7.) Life
8.) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy, But Not Busy Blogging

I've been busy between training and work. I have moments where I think I will blog, but it turns out to be nothing more than a workout entry... I know, borrrrr-rrrring. :)

This entry won't prove to be much more, I'm sorry. Well, maybe... we'll see how it goes. LOL

I got back from the MS150... oh, wait... I mean MS75 and hit the ground running. Literally. I don't have to win a trophy, but I'm serious about improving a little each subsequent tri that I enter. My next tri is Silverlake on 5/17. Can't go without any tri-fun until then, so I'll be rooting Elysha on for the Combat Tri from the sidelines. LOL

I had my longest distance swim and longest distance run last week. I was really proud to achieve those 2 accomplishments. I can only go up from here, right? Plus, I'll never hurt as much again as I did the day after my 5 mile run. LOL

Today I have to do 600 yards, according to BAM's beginner training plan. I'm going to 600 yards, but I'll do it as many times as I can in an hour, so we''ll see.

I went to the Endocrinologist yesterday and he said I "looked great" and noticed I was down another couple pounds. I kind of winced in disappointment and he knew right away; I wanted more gone! He said, "Be patient. You're gonna do great! I promise!"

I did remember to ask him a couple things:

Is soy bad for a Hypothyroid?
"YES! Unless you eat the same amount of soy everyday, it will be impossible for me to regulate your Levoxyl."

Is Splenda bad for your thyroid?
"Naah, doesn't matter, but natural sweeteners are better for you."

Can you clarify what was wrong with my Thyroid, I'm a little confused. If my TSH was normal, then what specifically is the problem?
"The baseline TSH screening was normal, but when we did the TRH test, your TSH was 29." A "healthy" TSH level is .5 to 5.0.

Is it possible the caloric limitations the gastric bypass creates, coupled with my activity, create this state of hypothyroidism?
"Good question, shows you're thinking, but no."

I did manage to have some fun this past weekend. Friends of ours returned to Houston for a visit; a few years ago they moved to Germany. It was nice to see them. We all met for Dinner at Rickshaw in Houston... it was awesome! I only had a sip, but the Mojitos (spelling???) were tasty, not to mention their Sushi... I highly recommend the "Big Buddha" Yum!

Lots coming up on the calendar. Lots of weekend work through the end of June for me. Darren and Cass are off to Alabama (I'll be painting Cass' room while they're gone), a couple tri's, Cass' recital and get this: Graduation ceremony at Uof H for the Pre-K to K kids. Do you believe that? LOL

Oh, and that employee issue here at work? Oiy... had to present her with a performance improvement plan. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. For the first 5 minutes my voice just shook as I spoke. She was expressionless for 15 minutes. I had no idea what she was thinking. Finally she started talking. She said, "it is not a surprise." It never really is, is it? It's over now... so onward and upward.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Swimming on Friday

I have to stay late tonight for some server maintenance, so I took a longer lunch and decided to swim. I did 1650 (a swimmer's mile in 46 minutes! :) Tugboat-like speed, but it's a start. :)

Really I was just going to be happy doing a 500 nonstop (which I also did).

But now, back to work. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Brick and Random Stuff

Trained with a Brick yesterday, 12 mile bike-to-2 mile run.

Ride was good... decent average speed. Run was just okay... I'll get better though, I know. I'm already tons better with running outside, but have a way to go to even be decent. I'm just happy I am running more than walking. Still loving my running shoes too... no pain in my hip at all.

I'm contemplating seeing someone for acupuncture to help address my thyroid. I've read about it in several places and if this Western medicine practice works, it would be nice not to have to take the Levoxyl. My husband's Chiropractor is certified in it, so it might be worth looking into.

Things at work pretty much stink right now. I have to put my employee on a performance improvement plan today for a period of 60 days. I know she's going to be all passive-aggressive and resentful, but it's gotta be done. She's made some huge errors that have been costly. Everyone makes mistakes, but clearly there is no attention to detail going on. I hate being the mean manager. I think what she'll hate most is that for the probationary period she'll have to work 8am to 5pm and give up her 10am to 6pm... we'll all probably hate it for her.

Today I will run a 5k. Mapped out 3 and 5 mile routes through my neighborhood, which are turning out to be kind of nice. :)

Might be adding another tri to my schedule if Darren decides to do it. :) I think he's kind of curious about the tri stuff, and is contemplating training for one in August. He even started trying to run on the treadmill yesterday. :) We could cross the finish holding hands... awwww.

That's it for now... must work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Why I Tri" Contest Entry

So I don't normally solicit kudos, but more than a few people have shared with me that they feel what I do is pretty cool... some have even called me an "inspiration." I can honestly say that I appreciate their comments, but I have to work hard to accept them graciously. Often I don't feel like much of an inspiration, but through keeping this blog I have learned, that at the least, what people see me do helps them believe that they can do something... anything.. too. And that is more than I could ask. :)

So, with that said, I entered a contetst at PowerTri, called "Why I Tri" I wrote in a little paragraph about why I do it and I am supposed to get people to write-in and vote for me. On of my faves, Kim, was kind enough to write in, so I thought I would share it. I want to keep it so that when I'm not feeling so good about me, my effort or my progress, I have something to remind me.

I'd really like to submit my vote for Donna T. in Houston to be the winner of your Why I Tri contest. Donna has an amazing story - she was morbidly obese just three short years ago, and has fought her way through weight loss surgery and the recovery. She is one of the most inspirational of my weight loss surgery mentors because she not only has lost weight, but she continues to push herself athletically more and more everyday. She started with the MS150 which is just amazing in my mind... but she has now fallen in love with triathlons as well! It's not simply good enough for Donna to complete the race - she pushes herself each time to get better and faster... which for those of us with a lot of weight left to loose see as a motivation... we all want to be able to do the things that Donna can do now... and for that alone - I think that she is a GREAT story!

Thanks Kim... you made me smile!

Monday, April 20, 2009

"MS75" Race Report

Our ride into La Grange...
"MS150 or Bust - Ride or Swim"

This was the first time in 25 years any part of the MS150 had to be canceled -- figures it has to be on the 25th anniversary of the event. The cool thing was that 11,000 of the 13,000 registered riders showed up to play in the hills, wind and bike grease... and there was lots of bike grease. For some, more than others. LOL

E and D offered the use of their RV for the event, and it was the way to travel! I'm so grateful! We managed to leave Houston before the torrential rains on Saturday and arrived safely, with D's superior driving skills... I think he must have been a bus driver in a previous life; he takes it *very* seriously. :) D is E's husband... and now our "Rider Support" dude.

We made it to La Grange and just chilled on Saturday night. Doug made us some sketti and meatballs (YUM!) We went into town and took a walk -- La Grange's population is 4,400, so there's not much to see. But we found this home decor/custom jewelry store that we loved. I picked up and *MS75* souvenir, in the form of this handmade cuff, studded with freshwater pearls. It is so unique; I love it!

So, the next morning was the start of Day 2. We headed out at about 7:45, and opted not to go through the official start, which proved to be the right choice because we heard later that people were still waiting to start at 8:40 am. The winds were bad; and they were expected to get worse (and did) as the day went on.

E's Cousin led us out safely to the course and then we were on our own. Not even a few miles in we said a rider down... it didn't look good. The good thing was the MS150 support folks were right there, taking care of him. Their SAG support and volunteers are the best.

So, I already mentioned the wind, right? It was very, very windy. When you have no hills to train in, and have to combine hills and wind, it makes it challenging. Last year everyone said the wind was the worst ever (they usually have tail winds going in to Austin), but this year felt twice as bad to me -- I mean, we didn't even have a Day 1 ride, and Day 2 was killing me! I just knew it would be a long day.

<--- me (odd team out, S, E A and L)

I ride along, enjoying the sites while cursing every single flag I see flying full-out in the wind (which I'm riding into) and I try to remember to be in the moment. Be present. Really recognize what is going on. The scenery is mostly green and lush, and I'm physically able to ride... and ride decently.

Along the route are volunteers... cheerleaders. People who just sit out on their lawn chairs and scream moral boosting support. But there are those few that really get to me and I'm definitely touched. There was a woman sitting on the tailgate of her minivan with a sign that simply said, "Thanks for saving my life."

I teared up... got snotty.. the whole nine yards. She's why we're doing it! We struggle to get through the ride in the wind. They struggle for their life; I'm sure at times it feels like they are walking into 20 mph headwinds every day.

As quickly as I am reminded of why we are here, I got my first flat (God is funny that way, I think LOL). Rear tire of course (even funnier still, I think). A Ride Marshall comes by about 10 minutes later and says, do you know how to change it? I said, "I can change the tube and tire, but have problems with getting on the rear. He said, "I'll take it off for you, but then I'm on my way."

? ? ? ?

Anyway, that's exactly what he did. 30 minutes later I finally got the tire back on -- and during that time no other Ride Marshall passed. I felt like George Hincapie with an eff'd up mechanical stop that cuases him to lose it all! Admittedly though, I felt good when I was finally able to get the tire back on. :) Thanks Darren -- my tire changing coach. LOL

So I make it to Lunch.. it's sometime between Noon and 12:30 -- I roll in and quickly grab my grub and pop a squat on the lawn. I finish up in like 20 minutes and head back towards my bike. The wind was only expected to pick-up and get worse throughout the remainder of the day, and it did.

Here's something for the totally weird category though: I know in sports athletes get comfortable around one another. But the MS150 is a FAMILY event.. you know, G rated. I get back to my bike and the guy next to me makes small chat, "How's your ride going?" then he opens a package of chamois butter with his teeth. I am thinking (sunscreen?). I tell him, Okay... could be worse, blah-blah-blah. He responds with more blah-blah-blah (and seriously that is what I heard) as he proceeded to slather his privates with the butter right in front of me. He's sticking his hands down his shorts, right there, applying it his "package" and butt.


I was sort of laughing inside, but a little taken back too. To world has all kinds, I figure.

Down the road I go... make the next rest stop a quickie and leave. I get a quarter mile from the rest stop and I have another flat! And guess what? It's the rear. AGAIN. So I pull over on the side of the road, where I came upon a this small RV, a white-haired man, his wife and their beautiful Somoya, Daisy. They were so sweet and helpful. Carl is a member of the 300 club -- that means he's one of the MS150's top fundraisers. His wife follows him with the RV along the course and gives him private rest stops. Carl joked and said it was because if he stopped at the regular rest stops, that he would talk to much (I believe it after talling to him) and never finish the ride. LOL

I enjoyed their company (and Daisy) for a bit and then got the tire changed in half the time of the first. Yay me!!

Not so quickly.

Whatever I did, I screwed up the derailleur... I couldn't shift gears without losing the chain. I had to deal with it until I got to the next rest stop for support to check it out.

It was quickly becoming no fun at all. Seriously; I think this event defined what my level of fun is: 40 to 60 miles max. And even at that, after 40 miles I'm getting bored -- it's not really the training, having stamina or the hard work. No one can accuse me of be "afraid" of training hard. I'm like a tug-boat... I can chug and pull all day, it just gets boring. When I get bored, the idea of crossing the "Finish" loses it's excitment and it's just the last step in getting it over with and not a victory. That said, the MS150 is an awesome cause. So I guess I should never say "never", but it certainly won't be anytime soon. LOL

After I got my bike checked (I had knocked the derailleur out of whack when I turned the bike upside down to change the tire) I decided wind up SAG'ing 8 miles; I just needed to collect myself. I was frustrated, covered in grease from hands to ankles and not having any fun. So on the bus I just thought about all the reasons why I was there, in that place, at that particular moment in time, connected to all these people through this common cause.

I hopped off the SAG a little refreshed and finished out the last 15 miles of the ride. I made it into Austin sometime around 4pm. Not a stellar performance. I thought I was going to do so well, considering I made it into Bastrop for lunch between Noon and 12:30. It's not a race though; it's a ride.

A (E's son) crossed the finish behind me at around 5. then L, then E. I think I was so happy to see them finish!

I think this ride solidified for me what I kinda knew, but wouldn't totally, 100% commit to knowing, was that long rides aren't my thing. In spite of knowing how to spell the word "derailleur" I really can't claim myself a "cyclist" (what do you expect? I do "ride like a girl.") LOL A cyclist NEEDS to feel that wind in their hair and doesn't mind grease under their nails. LOL I like riding... but maybe 60 miles of riding tops and preferably no wind or ginormous hills LOL. Maybe I have a little ADD in me? I need to know I get to do something else after - maybe that's the allure of triathlons... you don't have to do one thing for very long, so you don't have to get bored. LOL

The 2009 "MS75" gets a 6 on the Funtivity scale. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why Day 1 of 2009 MS150 Was Cancelled

A friend of the Texas Children's team snapped these picutre of the grounds in La Grange. Obviously you can see why Day 1 and the overnight are cancelled.

Thanks to the MS150 folks for putting the safety of the volunteers and riders first. :) Seriously, even though it is somewhat of a dissapointment, they are doing the right thing. I'm certain though that there will be those folks to make the ride anyway, in spite of no rest stop or rider support. Hopefully they'll be safe.

We'll be heading out to La Grange this morning to find a place to park the RV and spend the overnight there so we'll be ready for the Day 2 start. Still should be lots of fun and riding into Austin for the finish at the Capitol is a great feeling.

They're talking 10 - 15 mph headwinds. They'll be slower in the morning, but will ramp up as the day goes on. Eh, can't be much worse than last year, right? LOL

Friday, April 17, 2009

More on MS150 Weather for 2009

So here's the map for the MS150 course... People don't realize that rest stops are pretty close together... so if you can ride 12 miles straight, you get a rest. My goal this year is to stop every other rest stop.

All the news here in Houston is about the weather. There's no avoiding getting wet while riding on Saturday, but the conclusion there is get to La Grange (the overnight spot) as quickly and SAFELY as we can to avoid the rain.

I am not so much worried about getting wet... I'm nowhere sweet enough that I'd melt, but I am worried about safety. I took a downhill last year at 39 mph on a dry road... makes me a little nervous doing that on the wet road with lots of beginner riders! *cringe* I'll trust that I will be be safe and taken care of.

I guess part of the prize finish in Austin will be the nice weather, along with that feeling of accomplishment. :) I'll be posting mobile uploads to my Facebook Page throughout the ride, wet as it may be.... and, of course, Twittering with my tweeps. :) I'm really not sure I get all the buzz about Twitter, but I'm trying it out. LOL

Lots to do today to prep and pack, so I'm off!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skirt Sports Tri Tank Review

The Skirt Sports Tri Tank is made very nicely. The fabric is quality; lighter (thinner) than others like this. I can tell it will be a nice weight for the summer tris. I also appreciate the seamless stitching. It's all-around comfy.

I also like the fact this top seems to be sized for the average athlete -- not all super-skinny-pro-elite-fit. It's form fitting, but not tight, or unsightly.

It does not really offer compression like you would find in the elite level garments -- but that could be because the top I purchased was big on me. Even still, with that said, if you're looking for performance compression you might want to check out an elite level garment.

I think I could make a mint if I could create a tri top that doesn't require a separate sports bra... oh well, you still need a sports bra underneath, for sure.
Here's the sizing:
XS - 0 -2
S - 4 - 6
M - 8 - 10
L - 12 - 14
XL - 16 - 18
XXL 20 - 22

This top is long... it totally covers my hips; not like the Aqua Terra top that cut across my pelvis. I totally bought the wrong size again... should have went with the XL, but went with the XXL instead. (One day I'll stop doing this!)

With regard to performance, it swam well and dried quickly. I haven't ridden or run in it, but it I have no doubt it would be comfortable for all activities.

What I have not tried yet are the coordinating shorts. I'm holding out for their other colors to come out, which was supposed to be in April. Although the shorts say they have 5" inseam which "covers the largest part of your thigh" they clearly don't know my thighs, so they still might be too short for me! We'll have to see

On a customer service related note, last year, before the Clear Lake tri, I was still searching for something to wear... I swear finding the right garment is harder than running! But anyway, I called Skirt Sports and talked to them directly, because I was just a few days away from the start and needed to know more info on sizing and shipping. They were soooooo helpful. Super nice people... great customer service!

Anyway, if you're still looking, you might want to give them a try.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Power Tri!

Okay, friends, here's where you can help me out again, and it only costs a few clickity-clicks of your mouse!

I don't normally solicit votes, but there's a $100 gift card at stake, so I'm game to go for it.

I entered the Team PowerTri, "Why I Tri" contest. Winners are determined by voting, posting and I guess just all around spreading the word about PowerTri on the internet!

So... here's what you can do...

Send an email and tell them and tell them why you think I should win; that is, if you do thinks so

Facebook PowerTri a message about Donna T. from Houston! Tell them how stinkin' cool I am... maybe they'll believe you. I believe me. :P Well someone's got to, right???

Twit or Tweet them! Ryan Danforth should know how cool you think I am!

The more ways you vote the better. The winner is based on story and votes; and you all know my story. :)

Showing Our Colors

The Houston Chronicle's online "Commons" page is hosting pictures of Jerseys of those doing the MS150 this year... check out the site and submit yours, if you're riding!

So Close!!

It's getting closer to the MS150 start, and I am getting a little nervous about the rain, but I'm trying to see the bigger picture... the idea that I can do this kind of thing, at all, is pretty cool in itself.

I have an MS150 Checklist. It began with my own, and it's been augmented by items I thought resourceful from other experienced MS150 riders. It's a Google Doc spreadsheet, so if you like to literally check things off (like me) feel free to print and use it! Let me know if you have any great tips, like and Mom's Toolbox shared. :)

Things I still need to do/get:

Clear rain poncho
Shower caps
Find my sleeping bag
Replace Handlebar tape
TMC Logistics meeting TODAY
Pickup Race Packet (Friday)
Find giant duffle bag

Sometime today I need to get my long run in. Long for me is 5 miles. I mapped out a nice course in my neighborhood, so I should be able to squeeze it in when I get home... even if it's getting a little dark.

I got my Danskin Tri Tech Tee yesterday. It's nice! Might have to test it out on the run today. :)

That's it for now... must work. Oh, Food

Easter Eggs (2 egg whites, 1 egg)
Ezekiel English Muffin

Chicken, Bean and Vegetable Soup
La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortilla
Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss


Low Sodium Lean Ham
Salad Greens
Ranch Yogurt Dressing

Cottage Cheese w/Strawberries

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Boy.... "George"

Soooo sad for George this weekend at Paris Roubaix. He was one of the favorites for this race and Unfortunately there was a bad crash on thcobbles of Arenberg, which slashed the field, giving the breakway an assist. Next, George suffered some bad mechanical luck (and looong-a$$ wheel change) then met a series of attacks once he made back toward the front, the combination elminated the chance of a winning finish.

This guy is such an awesome teamate... he's put in his time. He deserves his moment in the sun. It bothers me that he's mentioned thinking of retirement, but I'm glad he feels he "can't go out like this." So there's another Roubaix for him next year, I think, and he has a great team around him.

He just trained so hard for this specific race, I can't imagine how frustrating it must feel.

Love this video of him...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Outdoor Run

3.04 miles 38:19
12:36 pace.

Not bad... for me. :)

Tons o' Stuff

We had a really nice weekend, beginning on Thursday with Cass' "Spring Bonnet Parade" at school.

Friday night when we colored our Easter eggs. Cass had a great time... I think Daddy enjoyed it too!

Later, Saturday, Cass-a-frass and I waited 2 hours for a picture with the Easter Bunny for over 2 hours. I could not believe she was being soooo patient, but then again when you want something bad enough... :) The pictures came out cute, but of course I have yet to scan them yet to share.

We came home and made some pom-pom animals. I found a craft idea in a magazine... of course no pictures of those either. *sigh* But I'll get them. :)

I went for a ride on Saturday morning with BAM! Holy Cannoli! The wind was quite the challenge for so early in the morning. We went through the Kemah area; I never knew Toddville Road was quite so long! It gave me some ideas for routes of my own from my house. :)

This week will be light with training. I will mostly swim, but I will do the Wednesday brick with the team. The MS150 is this weekend and there is so much to do this week, that I'm not sure exactly how much training I'll get in!

Speaking of the MS150. Thanks again to all my donors. You guys made it possible for me to ride. Some of you I don't even know, so I appreciate your thoughtfulness, generosity and belief in me! I've got my MS150 Checklist ready, I think. We have the expo on Friday, where I'll pickup my race packet -- hopefully they'll be some great swag. :)

Oh! Made a few awesome treats* this weekend - mostly NOT on the diet, but are delightful *treats* to be enjoyed once in a while.

Mini Crab Cakes - freakin' awesome - from Bon Appetite Magazine (NOTHING lowfat here) -- but there is room for inspiration to create a more healthy version, for sure.

Coffee-Chocolate Layer Cake with Mocha Marscapone Frosting -- freakin' awesome (also from Bon Appetite Magazine) and not heavy on the coffee taste; just enough to make you say, "is there something else in this?" I admit it... the icing on this cake was so danged good... it was hard not to taste-test. :P

Chicken Vegetable & Bean Soup -- This soup is so nutritionally valuable, it makes up for those few bites of cake enjoyed on the holiday. Very tasty! The link isn't working this morning, but maybe they're having issues. If you want to recipe and the link doesn't work, let me know; I will email it to you.

*Treats only to be enjoyed in moderationm of course!

I'm looking forward to having fun at the MS150. After that though, my training is going to be seriously focused. My next tri is mid-May -- I want to do better than the last one, for sure.

Some more pictures from:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Totally NOT Blog Related...

It's Easter here in our house... here' s some pre-record *live* footage of this morning... fair warning... it's 7 minutes long; probably most suited for the Granparents! LOL

Friday, April 10, 2009


So this little ditty is my latest creation. If you can't tell, it's studded with what else? Rhinestones, of course. :)

Today I'm off to swim and lift. Cass is at a friend's house for an all day play-date. This is a first. My hope is the two of them aren't killing one another since they only have one another to play with! LOL

I will be riding with BAM on Saturday (20 miles) and not exactly sure what I'll be doing next week. Probably more swimming than anything difficult on my legs -- just keep the cardio going.

I can't believe a week from tomorrow starts the MS150. Let's get it done and over with... so I can focus on my tri schedule.

This girl has been bit by the bug.. the tri bug that is. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Exercise Quiz

Take this quiz...

2 More...

I like this one though.. pretty cool.
Me... ridin' like a girl!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cool - Free Swim Plan Help!

Just learned about swimplan.com

Not sure why it took me so long to find out about this resource, either that or if someone did tell me about it, I didn't realize how cool it was.

Anyway, you sign up and it gives you free workout plans according to your criteria. So for Friday's swim session, it generated this plan:

I did hit the gym yesterday for weights and swim. I was surprised how much lifting took out of me before the swim. I essentially slogged through 1200 m :( I have to find a way to squeeze in 2 days of lifting somewhere. I don't feel good when I don't lift.

I got to the pool and there were a bunch (like 5) accomplished swimmers there drilling. They were very nice and offered me to share a lane, but since I still suck at swimming, I hate to mess up anyone's pace and make them have to swim around me. They were all very nice and 3 of them shared one lane for their long drills, which freed up some room for me. :) One day I'll glide through the water like them... instead of looking like a tug-boat. LOL

My new breathing is getting better. I just have a problem blowing out s-l-o-w-l-y. I find if I don't think about it and focus on breathing, I'll just hold my breath. I still seem to lift every 3rd stroke though; that's most comfortable for me. I can stretch it to 5, but when I do that I seem to get screwed up along the way and/or swallow a bunch of water trying to breath before my head is properly up out of the water.

Today I'm doing a brick with the club; riding 10 and running 2 (ouside!). I'm a little nervous about it... always hate being the slowest one. Plus there's that whole meeting new people thing, which I hate. Ugh.

Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow...
Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow...
Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow.


Know what's really funny? The MS150 is in less than 2 weeks now and all I can think about is the next Tri. LOL

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Food Journal 4/7/09

Still with the balanced eating. I have not entered anything into my food journal since before my trip to NJ...

You know the drill... click on it if you want to read it... if not, fine. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Feeling High!

As I remember with the Clear Lake Tri last summer, when I finished I felt I could tackle anything. And the truth is, I can... with the right training.

So, with that I am now a member of BAM! Bay Area Multisport training. I am starting on their beginner's program tomorrow. Luckily their "off" day is the same as mine. LOL Conincidence?

I think not. :)

I've revamped my schedule a bit to make good use of my USAT membership and training program through BAM!

4/18-4/19 MS150
5/17 Silverlake Tri
5/23 Combat Tri / Pool
6/7 Danskin Tri
6/28 Y Freedom Tri
8/16 Sweet & Twisted Tri
9/6 Summertime Blues Tri
9/13 Tour de Pink (cycling only)
10/4 Benbrook Women's Tri (tentative)
10/18 Try Andy's Tri

100% Achieved

Holy cow! Can't believe you all help me reach my MS150 goal. Who knows, I may even exceed it. Last year I raised $800 and truly only expected to raise the minimum of $400 needed to ride, so thanks so much for your contributions, and belief in me to see the ride through.

If you haven't checked in the last few days, there are plenty of pictures from both the Lonestar Triathlon and the Space Race. Had a blast this weekend... feel very good about everything accomplished and now just want to focus on getting better and improving.

So, with that said, I just registered for the Bay Area Multisport (BAM!) group for some help with training. For $38 a year, I'm sure I'll learn something to help me improve AND have other experienced athletes to train with. :)

That's it for now... I have a busy Monday ahead of me.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Space Race - Great Ride!

I cannot believe I had such a great ride today, consiering how windy it was. I'm not sure where my legs came from, as I stil feel pretty under the weather, but definitely better than yesterday.

I averaged 15.2 mph for 42 miles... I've never sustained that kind of average over a distance more than 15 miles, I don't think. If I did, it would be because there were tons of tail winds helping along.

Elysha rocked it too, joining me for the the second day of fun! She's a touch chick, for sure. Not much in the way of pictures... but heres's a few

The race is sponsored by Ronald McDonald House, if you can't figure that out from the pictures:

Elysha finishing!

Here We Are... the Lonestar Tri Girls :)

Heather, Elysha, me and Katie (we befriended Katie at the race) in our uglies!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

2009 Lonestar Tri Race Report

I had been suffering from sinus/allergy trouble all week. Coupled with a lack of sleep, today wasn't stellar, but I'm still proud. I had problems breathing, because I couldn't take good, deep breaths without coughing. As I type this my head is just pounding! Enough excuses though, right? Slow or fast, I still did the tri. :)

I went to the site yesterday for the beginners' seminar. I'm really glad I did. Jana from Tri on the Run shared tips and a checklist which was really helpful. This event was very well thought out. The little things made it a success and fun to do.

Be prepared... this post is going to be all over the place. I'm kinda out of it.

Soooo yesterday I met up with *E* and *H*. They texted me earlier about how freaked out they were about the swim, as they attended the swim clinic on Friday. I am starting to think that NOT going to the clinic was better! Long story short, the swim was scary. The winds had picked up and the water was much colder than it was 4 days ago. I was soooooo glad I purchased the wetsuit.

We got there and set-up. Walked around a bit and waited for our wave (#11) -- it gave us plenty of time to get worked up. LOL I think we were all as nervous as we were excited.

We entered the water for our start... and yes; it was cold! it was 60-something... can't remember, but I think it was 65 degrees.

Basically I could forget everything I practiced in the pool. I think when it comes to open water swimming the pool is only good for training your endurance... not for swimming in open water. Not being able to take deep breaths today certainly hampered my lung capacity though -- so I started to feel a little defeated while I was out there. I just kept stroking though. Thankfully the current was with us and we didn't have to fight it, but the 10 to 15 mph winds (with gusts up to 20) made the water not rough, but definitely bouncy... I don't know how else to explain it.

I finished the swim and upon exit I felt like I was drunk. I couldn't even walk a straight line, let alone run! They had people setup to strip you! Seriously. We pulled our zippers down and got our wetsuits to the ground, dropped on our bottoms and pointed our toes -- then they pulled them off for us.

I didn't spend a ton of time in T1. I was looking forward to some recovery on the bike. Sadly though it took me 4 miles before I felt my legs again, and 7 until my legs really felt "good". I was not happy about that, but I finished strong, so that's something.

Again in T2, I took little time. I really was just spent. Every time my feet hit the pavement it just pounded in my head. In any case, I walked and ran through the 5k as best I could, which was pretty bad. I knew my outdoors time would not be as good as indoors though; it never is. That's something I need to work on to improve before the Danskin.

I know it must sound more bad than good, but I really had a great time and I am glad I got to share firsts with *E* and *H* -- as well as *K* who we befriended. I know I would have done even better had I not felt so sh*tty

Lessons learned:

  • That I'm really not a terrible at swimming. Practice paid off!
  • Take decongestant when you're suffering -- it's not worth feeling crappy-crappy, when you can settle for just crappy.
  • Get enough sleep -- hadn't slept well with my sinus stuff for the last 4 days. :(
  • Nothing new on race day -- bought some "Yankz" and one broke. Had my old laces with me, so I was saved. The product was great... it was my installation that failed.
  • Work on true swim to bike transition. Evidently the Swim to Spin Class Transition isn't cutting it?
  • Run outside! I effin' hate this part, but I think I could really improve this if I'd just do it OUTSIDE.
Overall finish 72nd in my wave; 163 overall male and female beginners.

Here's how it panned out:

Swim Rank: 58
Time: 00:16:26

Transition 1: 00:04:23

Bike Rank: 58
Bike Time: 00:54:15

Transition 2: 00:03:37

Run Rank: 83
Run Time: 00:47:55 (15.27 pace - bah!)

Total time 2:06:38 (didn't get my goal of < 2 hours, but almost!