So this morning is the FREwC.  That's the "Funnest Run Ever with Chris."  Chris is one of my coaches.  Here I thought it was going to be 19 degrees, but it's a balmy 22 degrees and with the windchill it makes it feel like 13!  The biggest challenge is figuring out what to wear -- not too much.  Not too little.

I'll be running the last 6 miles of the half-mar course and "vizzing":  visualizing race day.  It might be a cold run, but I think it will be really good for me.  I'll be on my own, but that's okay.  :)

I had a good swim last night.... longer than I anticipated.  It was supposed to be an hour, but I wound up doing 90 minutes.  I got a little distracted when the gym's pool was full of other swimmers from my club, including 2 of my coaches.  When I was done I just watched them plow through the water... it's so wild to watch them move with such speed through the water.  When I do my intervals I feel like I look like I'm drowing... all form goes out the window!  But I guess that's why you drill, drill, drill.

Tomorrow is what I'm calling "Mad Spin"; 3 hours long, followed by a run. 

Oh, I got my legs "stretched" yesterday, too.  I think I might be taller now!  :)  I have 2 more stretching sessions and a massage before the half-mar.  I'm hoping the stretching is going to help me out; I am pretty tight.  I would love to get in some regular hot yoga... but when?  There is just so many hours in a day.  I will get it figured out.  Keeping flexible is important!

I'm outta here... I will have my icicle report later!


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