Houston Half-Mar Race Plan

On of my Coaches wanted us to think about our race plans.  The best way to organize my thoughts is to write them down.  This is my first attempt at a real plan...  I kind of felt like I was writing my birth plan for the hospital when I had Cassie!!!

Two weeks before make doubly sure to be hydrated properly and eat clean 100% -- journal every bite. Limit green leafy veggies day before!

Avoid any comments like "If my legs feel good". It should be "When my legs feel good"! Think positive! Negative thoughts or concerns often become reality.

I've trained as hard as I can. Believe I can achieve my goal and repeat it over and over again, so that the POSITIVE becomes my reality.

See BM for 2 or 3 stretching sessions before the Marathon

Monday 1/11

Wednesday 1/13
Check weather for race; pick appropriate apparel and ensure I have everything.

Friday 1/15
Leave work and drive course.
Pickup packet on Friday (chip is in packet)
Swim 6pm 8pm @ Williams
Get good night's sleep -- to bed by 10pm (latest)

Saturday 1/16
Rest. Stay of feet as much as possible
30 minutes of viz (visualize race day!)
To bed by 8pm
Prep fuel belt and needs for Sunday (water and hammergel 4 10oz bottles)
Grilled Chicken, black beans, brown rice and salsa for dinner

Race Morning
Wake at 3am - take meds - get dressed
3:30 1/2 Cup Coffee
1/2 C. Coffee... then you know what.
Ezekiel English muffin with egg white
Drink bottle of water
Out the door by 4
Meet at America's by 5 for post race bag drop-off.

At Race Site:
Warm Up
Drink another bottle of water
Potty 30 mins before race start
Gel 15 minutes before race.

Race Start
Remember to start conservative; finish strong. Run by effort... don't stress about pace
  • Do my 4 - 1 intervals through mile 10.
  • Increase to a 5 - 1 interval for mile 11,
  • Increase to a 6 - 1 for mile 12 and run mile 13
Do your runs at a HM effort - just like in training.
Don't worry about the pace numbers unless it's grossly too fast early.
Don't stress on the climbs; I'll make up the time on the downhill.
Be conscious of form; keep body in alignment... especially towards end of race.
Drink at every water stop through mile 10, at least, even if I don't think I need it.
Take additional Hammergel, just in case.
Have fun. Appreciate what I can do now; what I couldn't even think aobut 3 years ago.

Post race
Finish. Cry. Puke, if necessary (Kidding!)
Chocolate Almond Milk!
Eat / Hydrate
Schedule massage


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Nice job writing out your plan. I find it really helpful to have a race plan in place before tri's. I'm pretty sure I'd forget my head if I didn't! Interesting that you rest the day before, I've always been told (trainers and books) to rest two days before the big day and to do an easy day the day before. Did your coach recommend differently? I'm curious because I've tried to find literature that backs up the "rest two days before" method, but never been able to find anything so was wondering if it made a difference. Sorry for the long comment...

  2. Sounds excellent - definately stay off your legs the day before.........if it is hot weather to you need to adjust your plans accordingly - hydration and you will be sweaty too so be aware


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