It's Officially Tri Season!

We had a good weekend.  On Saturday I volunteered for a race down in the Lake Jackson/Freeport area, the Surfside Shuffle 10K-5k and Kid-K.  One of my coaches was heading up the event along with the fellow members of their triathlon club.  It was a fun event and everyone had a great time. The run was on Surfside beach... right on the beach.  It was kind of neat seeing the runners emerge from the fog as they approached the Finish line. Anyway, it was a great success.  Lots of participation and I think exceeded their expectations.

I didn't have to train Saturday, which was strange.. very strange.  That's all I'll say about that. 

On Sunday was mad-spin; 3 hours followed by a 30 minute run.  I wasn't such a superstar this week.  I neglected to eat anything before spin and was short gels.  I did have a powerbar, but that didn't really cut it.  About 2.5 hours in I started cramping in my calve.  Ugh!  One of my other coaches gave me a gel, I walked and stretched and recovered, then headed out for my run.  I was fine thereafter.  I really have to watch my nutrition though. 

I do think Nutrition is going to be a big challenge, but I also think that once I find the right balance, it will be awesome.  It's getting there that's the challenge.  I can only eat so much volume.  What I really need to find out is if I eat 1400 calories in a day, how much of that am I actually absorbing, post-RNY. 

If I get in 1400 calories, but only absorb 1100 of them, and then do a 3 hour ride and burn 1700, I hold a constant deficit.  It does nothing for my body (to lose weight) or maintaining energy.  The RMR test was not accurate, according to my Endo.  Add to that the hypothyroid stuff, and who knows exactly what I'm burning.  Seriously...  how can I train 83 miles in one week and weigh exactly the same eating 1400, or so calories a day?  I have got to find some info on this topic.

I am going to try to squeeze some more calories in and focus on what I can do to enable recovery.  Nearly half my diet is still protein, so I'm good there, but I think what I need are some options for immediately after... maybe some kind of supplementation.  I've been trying Extend, which is branch chain amino acids that your body has to get from food (you can't make it), but that doesn't help with energy. 

I did find a blog today that gives me hope.  What an amazing guy!  And it seems like he trained while losing.  I've found some other post-op endurance athletes, but they waited to start training until they were near their goal.  If you want some inspiration, check him out.  I did write him to ask him about his nutrition strategy -- my hope is he'll write back! 

Also rolling around my head is my career challenge.  I'm beginning to see some clarity in a path that could actually work.  I feel differently this time, like this option is really possible.  More to come on that, but not much will happen toward that end until we know what to expect in the next year with family-logistics. 

So it's officially tri season and training has started -- surprise to me since I thought I started 6 weeks ago.  That must have been "practice" training. :)  I started off with a big thud yesterday. 

I had a 1 hr. bike (easy spin) and 1 hour swim (drills) .  We recently joined the Y only a mile from my house, so I decided I would spin in the 5am class instead of on my bike & trainer in my kitchen.  Well, the spin was probably a bit much after the day before, and though my swim was in the afternoon, I really felt crappy. I probably didn't have enough recovery time since I couldn't get my HR up ( I sure felt like it was though!).  Swimming at a recovery pace was fine, but I tried doing intervals, and just couldn't breathe... it was terrible.  My average HR was 111, but I think my HR monitor went wonky on me.  Who knows?  I have make sure I practice at the proper intensity, otherwise I'll find myself injured and not getting the most from my workouts. 

Track work today.  10 x 500's.  It's finally some nice weather... 70-something yesterday! A great day for running


  1. Hey Donna! Found your blog, though I can't remember how.

    I'm also a member at the Y down the road, but haven't tried out their spin classes or the pool yet. What'd you think of the spin class? And how was the water temp in the pool?

  2. Wow! That blog was great. I'm sitting here wiping away the tears!
    If he writes back about his nutrition, can you let us know what he had to say?

    I'm having nutrition trouble too.
    I'm trying to loose the last 20lbs before knee surgery and having a hard time eating enough for my bike rides. I'm tired of seeing stars!

    There is a Tri expo here this weekend and the top 2 men finishers of Kona will be speaking at our club meeting on Thursday.

  3. I am "in training" too for the Lone Star Tri. I am training through an "injury"-heel spur/plantar fasciitis-and hoping to get through it w/o surgery.

    I found on my long training Sat. past I needed to have something to eat too. I didn't have anything w/ me! but lesson learned. I do use HEED and RECOVERITE from Hammer Nutrition, have you seen/looked at/tried those? don't know if they will meet your needs but I LOVE them!

    I go to Perry Y 5am spin class on Tu/Thur. is this the one you are talking about?

  4. @Silken That's great for you! I do hope your injury heals (no pun intended). Have you been to a chiro about it?

    Because of the thyroid issues I can't do soy, so I'm going to try some EAS Endurathon (same thing, but uses Whey Isolate). I find that the Hammergels work for me too.

    Yep, it was the 5am spin. I went on Monday though. I had speed training today, so I had to spin on my bike because I had specific intervals. Might be there next Monday though. :)

    I guess I didn't realize you were in my immeidate area! Nice to hear from you!


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