Thursday Thirteen... late

Just a little late...  total randomness today:

1) If Windows updates weren't annoying enough, I have to do them on my Blackberry too!  I hate updating stuff -- often it leads to something breaking.  

2) Rode on my bike trainer this morning.  I still ♥ my new bike.  Aerobars need a little more tweaking.  Got my demo ISM seat coming in today -- hope it helps with some comfort. I hate the new saddle I chose!

3) When I do my early-morning training rides I find it so hard to get-in-gear.  It's not like I'm tired... I'm ready to go.  Just not ready to get ready to go!

4) Now that the running season is over and the half is behind me, I'm looking forwrad to "just" tri training.

5) My kiddo knows her telephone number now!  Yay!!
6) Hubs is doing awesome with his running progress.  If he keeps it up, he'll be faster than me in no time. 
7) We have a really sick cat. Hubs is taking him to the vet today.  Keep fingers crossed that our "Bubba" is okay.
8) 3 great words: post race massage.  Enough said.

9) You know you're a triathlete because whenever you type the word try, as in effort, you always type TRI. 

10) 79 degrees here in Houston yesterday -- my hope is that Winter is over!

11) I've worn my Finishers shirt for the half 3 times since Sunday.  I'm going to wash the logo right off the front. Really... three times. LOL

12) I ♥ Casual Friday
13) Maybe next week I'll have a more timely Thursday 13.  :)
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  1. I'm still having seat troubles too.
    The bike shop guy ordered me a longer stem as he said mine is to0 short, which makes me lean to far forward, which he says is making my weight hit the wrong parts.
    I hope he's right, I've been thru 3 seats.

    Your pictures are inspiring! Did the race start early or does it stay dark longer in the morning there? ( my son goes to school in Utah and I thought it was weird that it is still dark at 7am)

  2. I sure hope Bubba's ok! I hate Windows updates too :P


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