Thursday Thirteen

1)  Well, our kitty didn't fare very well.  First they said cardio myopothy, then congestive heart failure.  Both are bad enough.  Then, after the 2 remaining blood tests came back, we found out Aramis (aka Bubba) had Cancer.  We had to put him down on Tuesday night. :(

2)  I am totally and utterly amazed at how resilient 5 year olds are.  Either Cassie took Bubba's passing in stride, or she really doesn't get it.  Probably the later, but she did shed a few tears.

3)  Tonight I have my first "fartlek" run.  Heh, heh... FARTlek.  (I know... I'm a goober.)

4)  My first time trial swim is tomorrow. It's actually the first of 3 I will do before Lonestar. 1,000 m at race pace. Not like I'll be lightening fast, but I think I'm faster than I was last year, so I am curious to see how I do.

5)  My running club team is having a party to celebrate our full/half marathon finishes.

6)  Oh!  From "freak my freak: category:  I called my Mom to tell her about Bubba and she told me that my sister's declawed house cat of almost 20 years got out of the house.  The night Bubba passed, they found "Dominque", after 3 days, under a shed; dirty and scared. 

7)  You can meet a ton of folks thought the blog-o-sphere, but remember, you never know who will find you. :)

8)  It is my Brother's birthday this week.  It's sad how he has alienated himself from the rest of the family.  This morning it hit me when I was talking to Cassie.  I said something about an uncle... and realized she has never met her "Uncle Adam."

9)  I am super-proud of my sister and her students at he Dance school.  Mom and Leah took them to a huge competition in NY where all the same teams generally win, and the kids took highest honors for all their numbers.

10) Speaking of Mom... she has a cold :( and a new flat-screen wall-mount TV!  :)

11) Cassie has the whole weekend planned out.  I get time to run on Saturday, but then we're going to "Cracker Barrow" for breakfast, watching "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs", making 'healthy' donuts -- and she's wearing her dress tht looks like it has sprinkles all over it.  As a matter of fact, I am to wash it tonight so she can wear it. 

12)  Cass went to Space Center Houston yesterday.  She said her "high point was seeing the space suit for the oldest [I think she meant first] girl astronaut." 

13)  We're thinking about another family pet.  We have an offer for another cat, but are thinking about a dog.  Suggestions?  We're not looking for a toy-anything... medium to large. 

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