Update to FREwC

Well, I did it.  It ws freakin' cold too!  As the sweat dripped from my face and hit my jacket it froze!  I looked like sparkles.  I got a tiny bit hot, but was so glad I had my fleece when I hit downtown and the wind was whipping between the buildings.

At one point I knew my legs were touching, but I coudln't feel them!  Did my 6.22 miles in about 1:24... not light speed, but this was meant to be a slow run -- and I'm REALLY good at those. :)

I'm as ready as I'll ever be for next weekend.  This week I'll be sure to rest and not do any more than is necessary.  I really believe I reach a sub 3hr time, I just have to make sure everything goes right.  I also know I can't control things that are out of my control.  I will just focus on keeping positive.

Here's the motely crew!  I'm on the far right.

and no... I didn't run in my Uggs, but they are the first thing to hit my feet when I'm done!


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