3 Year Post-Op Check-up.

So yesterday was my annual visit with Doc W.  A few months late, but that seems to be how I'm rolling these days.

Of course we couldn't go over bloodwork, because we had not drawn it yet, but we went through the standard exam, all the questions; everything is good.

I was exactly the same weight this year as I was last year -- which wasn't a newsflash to me, but honestly I was waiting for some hint of disappointment from him.  Thankfully, I didn't see it.  He really believes I'm doing the right thing.  He also added that at 3 years out, most of his patients have gained weight back.
We did do a full-body Dexa Scan.  I had not had one since the week before my surgery in 2006.   The results were pretty damn good too! I gots me some good bone-z!  My bone density has actually INCREASED since my surgery, which he said is "rarely seen" in RNY post-ops.  He said it's for sure contributed to my 2 years of weight training post-op and the running I started this year.  Everything looked really good and it made me happy to actually see a measurable difference somewhere; that something I intentionally did made me that much better. 

So we started talking diet. He did agree that given what I'm doing training-wise, he sees no problem with reducing protein and increasing carbohydrates. He said that while he wouldn't routinely reccomend that to other RNY post-ops in general, but because of my training he it would be to my benefit and might also help with shedding the weight. He thinks my body is in "survival" mode because I may not be giving it what it needs to fuel my activity.

I also talked with a dietician/friend who used to specialize in Bariatrics -- she also told me that over time, post-op, the duodenum (in the stomach) learns to absorb protein more efficiently so the need to get 50% of my diet from protein is not really necesssary at this point  (of course she added the disclaimer that this info came from an RNY surgeon; not a study). When I told her I was doing (45-50% protein/30-35% carbs/20-25% fat) She strongly suggested reducing the protein, and upping my carbohydrates for sure. She didn't really favor seeing my fat lower than where I've been keeping it (22 - 25%). 

We looked at a week's worth of training (from 1/4 through 1/10) and just the training roughly totalled 6500 calories burned. She doesn't write dietary protocols for endurance athletes, but she has access to info and said she'd get back to me with what she can find. 

So, in the last couple weeks I've increased my carbohydrates a little... not much, because truthfully I'm scared sh*tless to do so. But I have tried, and much to my surprise, the scale has started to creep down.  Add to that, this past weekend I played with my nutrition on my 2.5 hr. spin followed immediately by a 30 minute run.  I had some oatmeal before-hand and drank 72 oz. of Cytomax with 2 T. of whey protein in each.  Then I did gels every 30 minutes.  After the mad-spin was over, I had the best brick run ever!  I'm going to say it was because of the nutrition.  I even got back on the bike for another 30 minutes after the run. 

Bloodwork to follow; hopefully it will also corroborate the fact I'm doing what's right :)


  1. Good for you! I was at Dr. W's yesterday too - my appointment was at 4. :-) Glad to hear things are going well for you... not so much on my side, but we haven't even checked my 2 year labs - and I don't really want to at this point. Maybe in another month or so.

  2. Your doctor, nutritionist and you seem to be doing what is right for your situation. I'm so impressed that your Bone-Z are doing well. I can't believe you increased. They'll be asking you to be a motivational speaker to the incoming patients. That's what. Good exercise. Man. You are awesome.

  3. This is such great news! I am impressed! I won't hit one year until April- but I have been struggling a little getting neough protein.. some of those nasty carbs have been creeping back into the diet.

    You inspire me to keep to the program... and to know that there is a way to train like you do... and still work the diet properly! I am starting to train seriously in March for half- marathon.. so this is good to know!

    Keep it up!


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