Day 1

So today I'm starting a new way of eating; a way to facilitate the fueling I need for training.  Sunday proved to me the right nutrition definitely leaves me feeling better.  It's been years since I allowed myself carbolydrates in a routine fashion, but I'm going to give this a "go" for at least a few weeks.

The premise is that on top of my Resting Metabolic Rate, I'm burning more than 6500 calories weekly in training alone. My RMR is what my body burns just existing, which is about 1800.   So, as you can see, eating 1400 calories a day leaves me with a HUGE deficit, and that still doesn't inlude the calories you burn just doing what needs to be done day-to-day.

After my visit with Doc W. and getting the okay to try this macronutrient ratio, I'm going to target the following:

1700 calories a day
50% Carbs, 30% Protein and 20% Fat

Again, this is not something all RNY Post-ops should do -- I'm doing an average of 10 hours a week intensive training, so my body needs the readily available fuel that carbs provide.  If I were not training, I would NOT be attempting this.

If after a couple weeks I don't see adverse effects on the scale, I will continue. 

So here's Day 1:


  1. Is it wrong that I cracked up over the line item for the avocado? I mean really - WHO eats the skin or seeds of an avocado?

    You're doing great - I think as long as you stick to the complex carbs (I know you will) then you'll be fine... it's just when you venture to the other things that it becomes a slippery slope... but then again with all the training you're doing who knows!

  2. I had no idea you were cutting carbs so severely. I guess I probably should of thought so because of your surgery but I guess I just thought at the rate you work out you would HAVE to be taking in some carbs...dangh girl EAT! LOL. I bet you are going to see some good losses on the scale in a few weeks and a nice boost in energy.


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