Day 3

Some observations after moving to 50% Carb / 30% /  Protein/20% Fat...
- Scale is moving downward.
- Did a 45 min fartlek run, 1 hr swim and 1 hr spin yesterday, and left the gym feeling freakin' awesome!
- I woke-up this morning feeling good too!  Took 5am spin at the Y.

So, so far -- so good. I'm not seeing anything scary happening and I seem to be feeling good, which ultimately this is about.

Leaving the gym last night with some spring in my step, even after swimming intervals which generally wipes me out, pretty much astounded me. 

We'll see if week 2 confirms everything I feel on Week 1, but at this point I'm optimistic.


  1. You are so dedicated to monitor everything so well.......awesome!

  2. What do you eat before swimming/ I'm having trouble finding something to last the whole 90min session- half way thru, I feel wiped out. Although, last night I did chew two of the FRS energy chews and they helped, but didn't last

  3. Sharla, I have been trying out the PowerBar Performance C2 Bars before. Right now I'm drinking Cytomax with 2 T. of Whey protein mixed in as well, during my swim. Also Hammergel seems to work okay for me, but I haven't used that during a swim. I rarely do 90 minute swims, unless I'm glutteon for punishment. :)

  4. Thanks Donna, I'll try that.
    This trying to eat enough not to pass out and eat correctly to loose weight is an interesting journey!

    I signed up for a swim class at the community college and the lil whipper snappers are kicking my butt.

    It is literally 5 min lecture then get in and go-I'm in the "novice" lane so not as intense as the rest of the class, but a good challenge

  5. The goal is to find some good carbohydrate fuel, with a little protein(to sustain you). So like a half a bagel with peanut butter, or a half of a banana, peanut butter and honey on wheat bread... something your body can make fuel of quickly. I find the challenge to be finding things that don't give me GI distress.


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