Git'r Done!

I know my Husband will highly appreciate the title of this entry!

So one of my faves, Judith, who is a cyclist, left me a note to think about.  She calls her blog "The Dreaded Diary Pages", but I don't find it dreadful at all! :)  Anyway, here's what she said, and I need to remember this:

"... it is all about getting the job done and sometimes 100% is not your best effort but it is 100% of what you can do that day..."

And thinking about it, that is 100% okay -- that's the part I have to remember.  So, thanks, Judith!

If I look back on last week's training I really hit it hard.  I gave it my all.  By far it was the hardest of my 8 weeks -- and I still managed to get in a little extra swim and bike mileage/time!

So, I have to keep in mind that with proper tapering, rest/recovery and nutrition on race day my performance should be better than what I see in a a time trial smack-dab in the middle of my training.

This week is easy swims, lots of easy biking and a running.  Coaches say we have something "special" planned for Sunday, in the way of a run/bike/run, but the details are not out yet.

I also get worried when they use the word "special"


  1. Ha ha. *nervous laugh*

    I hate that too in that kind of context.

    Great work, and keep it up. For your husband's sake I hope you keep the thought in the front of your mind!


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