The Green Season! (And I don't mean money)

It starts off with those cute little girls wearing their little green uniforms with their endearing... okay, sometimes impetuous, prompting to purchase their evil Girl Scout cookie goodness.

You know you shouldn't, but you can't help yourself. 

You know how it goes... you've just been grocery shopping and working diligently to avoid lunching at every sample in the store in an effort to minimize the chance of hip enlargement.  You are successful, but you are weak from your effort.  You are beaten-down as you exit, but you feel victorious.   Then, there *they* are! They kick you when you're down!

Yeah, I was suckered in by my Daughter's dance class classmate. There's only 3 girls in her troop -- so as you might imagine they had to sell a boat-load to reach their goal and get their badge of evil-goodness.  So really, I WAS HELPING

I do think I can justify just about anything if I think about it hard enough.  Call it a gift. :0

And I'll come "clean", I did save some thin mints in the freezer.   I can actually have a serving without getting swooshy-in-the-head.  And, if I burn a sh*tload of calories training that day, I'm not worrying about 1 serving of them.  No workout?  No thin mint treat... because that's how I roll. :)

That said, once the season is over, it's over.  A sigh of relief to be had by all. 


Much to my surprise I learned today the Shamrock Shake still exists!  Thank goodness I'm "rearranged" and care about what goes in ('cause these are chock-full of chemicals I'm sure!) I LOVED these when I was a kid.  I mean REALLY loved these.

Just looking at the picture reminds me of how excited I would get going to Mickey D's with Gram -- Because Gram would ALWAYS let us have shakes with lunch (and the bad marshmallow cereal for breakfast!). 

I'm sure Eggy has a minty shake fix.  For today and always, I'll just have to settle for enjoying the refreshing picture.  *sigh*

Ran and did spin last night.  Nothing crazy to report.  Just still sore from Sunday, but it seems better today.

Also made the herbed chicken parm from my previous blog-post.  It's a make-again, for sure!

Might be doing a Duathlon this weekend. Hubs was supposed to do his first multisport event, but hurt himself training.  My coaches are evil and won't rearrange my schedule to give me even a little rest before the Du, so if I want to do it, I have to expect that it's just going to be for fun, not for a great or even good finish.  We'll see how the weather is.  I don't want a repeat of Du The Bear


  1. I know what you mean! If I see those little girls out front, I may just keep driving!

  2. If you get desperate, move to country Australia, we dont have girl scout cookies here......we see them on TV though......dont even have a green thickshake at Maccas here......maybe they have it in the big cities, my "city" is only 15,000 people (I think)

  3. OMG! I know when i get home from this work tri.. there will be a few boxes on my desk! What was I thinking???!!!



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