It's a "Home Day"!

"Home Day" is what my Cassa-a-frass calls Saturdays and Sundays.

I'm feeling a little better each day.  Zpaks are my friend.

I did get in a run/swim last night, which was okay.  I definitely felt the effects of rest on my swim.  I actually felt pretty good in the water.  Just wish I had been feeling a little better than alright.  1700 yds in, so that's good.

I'm still behind another swim/run session, but since I'm not 100% yet, one of my coaches said to keep today as a rest day.  I have a run/bike/run challenge tomorrow morning that I need to be recovered for.

So today will be some domestic goddessing needs will be addressed and I may make some of the things from my Thursday Thirteen list I've been meaning to make.  My car is also in desperate need of a cleaning... inside and out.  If I do that, it is guaranteed to rain tomorrow. Hmmm.

There is a 1 mile open water swim race in April I am considering... Not sure why it makes me nervous to consider it; look what I swam last night! 


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