Today's run/bike/run was a challenge, but it was good :)

I had a hard time with dinner (Spinach and Black Bean Lasagna) last night; just couldn't eat, so if  I couldn't eat, I made sure I got to bed early.  To bed by 8, up by 3:30

I was supposed to do my first run at my IM pace and my second at my Half IM pace, but I reversed them.  Oh well.  :(

Run 1:  3.47 miles 12:58 pace (this surprised me)
Bike:  30 miles / 15 mph
Run 2:  2.43 miles 13:34 pace

1st run felt pretty good.  When I got on the bike though my legs were tired.  My second run was weird.  I felt pretty tired initially, then it was like my legs felt better.  *shrug*

Had breakfast at home (ezekiel muffin and egg) and half cup of coffee

Drank Cytomax with 1 T. of Whey for the Runs and Endurathon on the bike.  Not sure the Edurathon agrees with my tummy.  I did my hammergel every 30 minutes, so I'm not sure how much I need the Endurathon, if I'm doing gels.  I might be okay with Cytomax with some protein and Hammergel.

This week's challenge is another swim time trial.  Seems like just yesterday I did the other one!  


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