Should not, What's Up, Lost It and What's Coming

I really need to be getting my a$$ to the track right now, but I want do get a quick update in before I forget.

So it's been about a full week now of eating the new diet.  I have to say that overall for my workouts I do have way more energy, and that's a good thing.

It is not making for any adverse effects on the scale either, as the trend is actually moving downward.  Another plus.  Admittedly, it does feel strange eating carbs in this manner.  I know it's a dietary standard, but I haven't done this for 10 years I would guess.

My nutrition for my mad spin day would have probably worked well again, had I not forgotten to eat my powerbar.  Still a good workout; now I know that nutrition was definitely key there.

I've made some observations in swimming that kicking and pulling better are supposed to help.  I nearly killed myself last night kicking and pulling and today felt the effects of that session -- I did intervals at lunch and I'm not sure which part was the workout:  the actual swim or the race to get showered, re-dress and back to work in a timely manner.  :)

Lost my Garmin 305 at mad-spin this weekend too.  That hurts.  Doubly so since Darren and I share the device.  I keep praying it will turn up somewhere.

Coaches have added an extra swim to my schedule, so I'm taking things day-by-day to accommodate everything.  Google Calendar is my friend. :)

I also get to do a time trial on my bike this weekend.  Having only taken my bike on the road once, this should be an experience.  With the winter here, my bike has more trainer miles on it than outdoor miles.  I do ♥ my Kinetec trainer though. :)

Off to the track...lickity-split!


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