Some Race Tips

Just a few race tips from the Timex Ironman team...

1. Listen to your body – train as much as you can absorb, not as much as you can, in any given time period.
2. Recover like a champion. You body repairs and becomes fitter and faster between training sessions when the stress is removed.
3. Use lubricant like Body Glide or Suit Juice on your neck and areas that chaff, as well as on your wrists, ankles and on the outside of the cuff and ankles of your wetsuit to aid fast removal.
4. Flush’ your wetsuit before the race – use water from a bottle and pour it down the neck and wrists of your suit. Pat out any excess, but make sure there is a thin layer of water throughout your suit. This will help lubricating at the joints and ‘seals’ it tight to you so that you aren’t holding excess, and will make sure that it is easier to remove in T1
5. Calculate your calorie needs throughout the race and practice your nutrition strategy accordingly, making sure you have both enough calories, salts, and fluid for the event.
6. Put your goggle straps under your swim cap to avoid them being knocked off in a frantic swim start. Consider using two caps if the water temperature is cold.
7. Put Vaseline in your trainers at rub points like the heel and arch to avoid blisters. Be careful of water on the course: wet feet will probably lead to very sore feet later in the race.
8. On hot days, don’t put ice under your hat – put it down your lycra top. Cooling your head first will send signals to the brain that you aren’t overheating and lead to poor thermoregulation.
9. When you feel like you can’t go on, COUNT to a hundred. Then do it again. And again. And again. Low points will come, but they will go too.
10. If you feel like telling someone off during a race, chances are it's because your blood sugar is low and it is a sign that you need to take in some calories.
11. Make easy days very easy! No point going into a key session fatigued -- otherwise, go hard!
12. Include what you enjoy. We all have certain activities and sessions that we enjoy in our training. They will help you stay motivated and more importantly, enjoy the process of getting fit for a race.


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