Thursday 13

13 Things I'm Grateful for...

1)  I'm grateful for my Husband, my Daughter and their unending love and support.  I'm grateful that each day they help me maintain the desire to be a better than I was the day before.

2)  I'm grateful we're all healthy! 

3)  I'm grateful my Mother is resilient.  Divorcing after 32 years is tough.  I'm even more grateful she is talking to me about it; anything is better than nothing.

4)  I'm grateful my Sister is fulfilling her dreams of owning a dance studio and hopeful too for the fulfillment of her Husband's dreams to own his own restaurant!

5) I'm grateful that almost everyday I find something that makes me contemplate my current effort and helps me keep motivated

6) I'm grateful I'm not 347 lbs. any more.  Enough said.

7) While I may not have a ton of friends, those I have are quality.  I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by like-minded people who are also motivated and inspired to be the best they can be.

8)  I'm grateful of my Woot deal on a digital photo frame.  At any point in my day I can look at it and be reminded of a moment in time.

9)  I'm grateful for slow-days at work that allow me to blog (Shhhhh!)

10) I'm also grateful and do not take for granted that I have a job. 

11)  I'm grateful to finally some clarity and see a path towards a career change. Patience will be key.

12) I'm grateful I have patient coaches who put up with newbie questions!  71 days until Lonestar.

13)  I'm grateful I still think of my G'ma, often.
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  1. Happy Thursday!
    What a great list. I admire you--you seem like a strong woman!
    Thanks for reminding us all that it's really good for the soul to stop and be grateful for all our blessings no matter how big or small!


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