Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy...

Things are rolling a long. Been been busy with training work and home. 

On the training front 2 things happened this week.  We've shortened my swim intervals for my 100's (a sign that I'm getting faster or that we grossly miscalculated my itnerval time in the beginning) and I had my 2nd bike time trial this week and improved my average speed by 2 mph (doing 18.7), while dropping my average heart-rate (a sign of improved fitness) and increasing the ability to work harder, as evidenced by my max heart rate.  In any case, all good news.  There's really about 4 weeks more left of training then the tapering begins!  :)

Work is work.  I'm so disenchanted with IT after 20 years.  I know it's not a newsflash. 

My BFF did the sweetest thing for me this week.  She knows how I loves all things leather metallic and my friends at Coach came out with a new bag that I totally ♥.  Anyway, BFF went totally overboard and bought me the matching wallet.  She said she wanted "to add a little bling to my life."  It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise. : )  I gotz me some good frendz!

Tonight Hubs and I are headed to the Rodeo -- we're going to see Toby Keith. 

Tomorrow I have a long run 2:15, and a swim clinic.  I get to be video'd and everyone gets to watch my sloppy stroke!  LOL


  1. Wow, I think my head is spinning. You really are amazing. Your BFF is so nice and sweet. Have fun at the rodeo!

  2. Wow! Way to go on the training! You are making great strides (sorry for the pun)!

    Have a great time at the rodeo. Hope the traffic wasn't still a mess :(

  3. Hey, Donna! Thanks for commenting about the new Dolce on my blog. I was curious when I bought it whether it would feel the same as the old version. Especially since it was $20 cheaper. Only one way to find out! I'll definitely write about it after I've tried it out.

    Also, it's great to meet another woman training for a tri! Which one are you doing?

  4. Wow, 12 in one year! That's awesome! My first tri ever will be the Ann Arbor Triathlon in June. I'll probably sign up for a couple more after I see how I like that first one. I'll also be doing the Warrior Dash in Joliet IL in June (5k run with obstacles), and the Iceman Cometh Challenge in November (27 mile mountain bike race).


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