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29 Days until Lonestar.  Less than a month.  I am excited, but also looking forward to slowing down for a little while after.  Having started training the week of Christmas, it's been a long haul not just for me, but for my family as well. 

In the midst of all the training, of course I'm still dealing with the medical stuff.  I had a visit with the doc yesterday and got some new info.  So, my thyroid has actually been good for about 12 weeks now!  That was great news.  Unfortunately though I still feel like kah-kah. 

So, as it turns out, there is a reason.  When I first went to the doc, my prolactin levels were high. Often that's associated with the thyroid issues.  So in order to determine why the Prolactin was high, he had to get my thyroid function right.  So, now that the thyroid is right, he knows something is up with my Prolactin.  We took blood yesterday and if my Estrogen is low and Prolactin is high, I'll probably have to go for an Ultrasound on my pituitary glad.  30% of elevated Prolactin levels are as a result of a benign tumor on the gland.

Having elevated Prolactin levels is like living with PMS everyday.  So not only am I fatigued and stressed with work and training, but I am also experiencing a general yucky-funk day in and day out.  Nice, huh?

The good thing is, we know it's not my Thyroid, and that's how I'm choosing to look at it.  :)

Training has been a particular challenge this week with scheduling, weather, work... and all-around logistical nightmare. 

I also had another sensitive situation to deal with and for a day it just made me sick to my stomach.  I had to give some bad news/constructive criticism to a friend.  It's a shame I had to do it, but it was for both our best interests... I'm only concerned it wasn't taken personally.  Ugh.

That's about it.  Open Water Swim with my stuffed-like-a-sausage wetsuit, run/swim tomorrow and bike and Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday... busy weekend.  Somehow, between it all, laundry and domestic goddessing has to get done!


  1. Wow, what a week!

    The easter egg hunt sounds like a great thing (too bad my baby is now 19). Hope you have nice weather for it!

    Is it too warm there in the summer for summer tri's, or do you just start early?

  2. I am getting ready for lonestar too. tired of training and hard to keep it all up-and the wind has been terrible hasn't it! my training is not as up to par as yours but I am looking forward to finishing!


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