"Crazy Brick" Training Survived!

On Friday I had a "crazy brick" training session scehduled.  It was a recovery week for me, so I was supposed to be rested. This "sim" is supposed to give some indication of what you'll do race day. Race day. is about 6 weeks away.

It covers everything from A to Z.  You have to plan your strategy and nutrition.  I did both.  Managed to drink 240 calories an hour and kept my heartrate in my target ranges. 

I departed from my ride from the High School's track, since that's where I had to be immediately following the ride.

It started with a 1:30 bike ride at a Half Ironman pace, then :30 at my Olympic pace.  There was tons of wind -- my overall average was 16.4.  I had a nice tailwind (finally!) the last  couple miles in and was able to average 17 mph the last 30 minutes, which helped to  bring up my windy 15.9 mph average  for the first 1:30.  I felt good and strong in the wind.  I am still surprised at how differently I feel on the bike.  It's a good feeling to know that the effort I'm putting in is paying off.

Once the ride was done it was a quick transition to running and I hit the track with 1 mile repeats.  I was tired, but pulled them out.  Not real fast times for seasoned runners, but 13:22, 13:40 and 13:09, after the bike, for me is progress.  I'm completely happy with that as I think that with tapering I could keep it around 13:00.  Would love to see sub 13:00 -- but who knows?

In any case, I was happy I felt "spent" (because that was the idea) and happy that I was done!  I had a great day... 70 degrees and sunny with some windy gusts up to 15 mph.

What I didn't mention, the source of some after-brick "excitement", was the night before I was distracted while taking my meds and giving my Daughter a shower.  Instead of taking a prescription allergy pill, I accientally took anothger 100 mcg of Levoxyl, my thyroid med that I take once a day in the AM.  So I double-dosed. I just wasn't paying attention.  I have no real good excuse.

By the time I realized what I had done the pill was in my throat and it was too late,  Shit!

I tried not to worry too much and went to bed.  I woke up fine the next day and of course skipped my morning dose, consdiering what I had done the night before.  I paid attention to my body and everything seemed fine, so I decided to to my brick anyway.  After all, I had taken a vacation day from work to get it all in!

I was completely fine the entire ride and run.  After I finished the run, I walked about 50 meters and headed back to my coach and friends who were there rooting me on and said, "I'm running to the car, be right back."

I got about 50 meters away and my heart was in my throat... as in crazy beating.  Max heart rate for my age is 177.  I looked at my Garmin and it was 213!  I couldn't inhale!  I couldn't talk.  I was a little worried.  I tried to calm down and thought, "I can walk to my car and fall-out there where no one can see me, or I can go back to where they are."

I went back to them, but couldn't talk.  I repeatedly pointed to the heart rate on my watch and then to my heart.  I tried walking slowly just to get it down.  Finally after sitting for about 10 minutes it came back down, but it gave everyone a scare.

Ironically enough when I left to ride that morning I took my license, debit card AND my health insurance card!

This happened only one time before, when I first went on the meds and we were trying to regulate them, but it's so strange how it happened AFTER everything, and not during.  Exciting, huh?

Anyway, I had to rearrange my schedule bunches this week to get everything in, so today my co-athletes (the others being trained by the same coaches are doing their brick today).  It's 37 degrees out with 25 mph gusts of wind.  I'm soooooo glad I got mine done.  I even got sunburned!  LOL  If they're still going to do theirs, I'm going to head out to the track and support them.  :)


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