"I really suck at __________."

I was blog surfing this morning and came across this.  I'm so guilty of habit. 

"I'm not good at ________"
"I really suck at __________"
"I'd do well if I were only better at ________"

The truth is that yes, some people are really gifted and talented and don't have to work hard for some things, but the majority of us have to work hard for what we want. To be successful at anything, the most important thing you will ever train is your mind. Here's a great place to start:

Instead of saying, "I'm not good at swimming (running, golfing, biking, etc)."

Say: "I haven't reached my potential yet." or "I'm on the way to reaching my potential."

Doesn't it sound much more positive and empowering?


  1. I have thought about this concerning myself many times, as recently as yesterday as a matter of fact! I have learned that rather than focusing on the negative aspects of yourself/your life, concentrate on the positive and the things that you are good at. I know it sounds cliche, but attitude really is everything.

    Good post too. So many people need to be encouraged and lifted up.

  2. Thanks.

    Sometimes I think it's easier to talk badly about ourselves, like somehow it ironically makes us feel better. Maybe it's a bit self-sabbotaging too, because if you don't set high expectations for yourself, then there's less risk of failure.

    Me? I expect way too much, but I am on the way to reaching my potential. :)


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