Open Water Swim *eeek*

On Thursday morning I had an open water swim on my schedule 3 laps... slow, medium and fast.  I've been to this lake before; swam there countless times this last Summer.  I have no idea why I was so nervous getting in.  It took me 15 minutes to get up the courage to take the plunge. 

I finally did.   :)

Lap times were so-so, but I was having some problems stretching out my stroke.  I don't think I had my wetsuit up all the way, where it needed to be, on my shoulders.  I was warm and bouyant though, so the wetsuit did it's part!  So bouyant that I barely kicked the first lap!  Each subsequent lap decreased and I'm sure I'll get better over time. 

Something about not being able to see through the water freaks me out a little bit and I have to practice resisting the urge to come up out of the water, other than to sight, so much. 


  1. we were supposed to try our first open water swim today, but w/ the rain and chill we missed it. hoping for tomorrow. though I don't have a good wet suit (yet) so am really dreading it. where did you get yours? I talked to them at Webster Bike today. they have some but were all out today due to Gateway to Bay tri….


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