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My Thursday 13 -- Prompted by a book I just received and started reading called "The Mind Gym" An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence and to promote from within the fact that I don't suck, am not weak, and have the wherewithall to achieve my goals, here's 13 things I need to keep in my noggin' during training and racing.

1) I am strong.
2) I am effin' fit!
3) I always "Finish" what I start
4) I am committed to my training; I am improving everyday.
5) Keep focus on the current task; be present. Don't let negative thoughts enter your mind.
6) Recall successes and remember how success feels.
7) I trust my training will prepare me for reaching my goals.
8) "Enthusiasm and mental edge are the keys to winning."
9) "Under pressure you can perform 15% better or 15% worse"
10)"When you have fun it changes all the pressure into pleausre"
11)"Learn to view pressure as a challenge to meet rather than a threat of defeat"
12) I cannot be afraid to fail, just as I cannot be afraid to succeed.
13)"You cannot outperform your self image"
The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments. It’s easy, and fun!


  1. I used your positive thinking the other night at the swim class.

    I'm having trouble with the kick for the breast stroke.
    The coach came over and asked how I was doing and I said " I haven"t yet reached my potential"

    He was a bit taken back and then said well lets see how to get you there.

    It does work!

  2. That's so awesome!

    I used it last night when I didn't think I could make it through my 500 yards worth of kicks. I kept saying "I'm strong and fit." And I got through it.

  3. I am trying to sew a quilt I started last week so I can say "I always finish what I start".........and to prove my dad wrong......oh and I rode 90km today......your positive statements are just what I needed.......Thanks

  4. I need to remember these! I was filled w/ negative thoughts today as I rode 20+ miles w/ my husband…who stayed well ahead of me the entire time. I hate that only 5mph winds can cause me that much strain! thanks for the positive thoughts!


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