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13 Truisms about training

1) Sometimes you find yourself defending your training efforts to others. Sometimes it's annoying... "But you're only doing on Olympic, why are you [insert sport here] so long?" It's not just physical training, it's mental training too.

2) "Buttsy" still said it best... 100% effort is relative. 100% today, may not be 100% after a few days rest. I always remember it.

3) The power of positive thinking is not malarchy. It's working.

4) If you put in the time, you will see results. This is fact.

5) Having that stupid little box on my schedule telling me what I need to do training-wise for a given day, has more power over me than Blue Bell Ice Cream. If I don't complete what's in that box, I feel less than successful.

6) I've learned hate failure, not fear it.

7) The only way to perform consistently is to be plan and be prepared. This is not only for training though -- I find this to be true of many facets of life.

8) Just because someone is educated and experienced, doesn't mean their way is the only way. It's okay to try new approaches. Everyone's needs are different.

9) Wetsuits are the bomb-diggity. I love how bouyant I feel! LOL

10) Learning to love the wind, while harder to do than hating it, pays off. Try bike training on the Gulf Coast someday... No matter which way you turn, there it is... the wind.

11) "Swimming is like vegetables... you can never do too much." SSSC

12) Being as much as 3% to 5% dehydrated can affect performance as much as 15%. I had no clue!

13) There is always something to be learned from even the worst of workouts.

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