This past weekend was a great weekend of training.  :)

My long run on Satuday was 1:45.  I realized towards the end of the run that I might make 8 miles and I got excited.  So the last 1.5 miles of my run were a little harder than a "long slow" pace, but whatever, I needed to have a small victory.  So, 8.01 miles in 1:45 for a 13:04 pace. 

Not only that but I felt good.  I didn't feel that good during the half marathon.  I really felt like I had moments where I was just in a groove and that it was almost effortless.  Of course it wasn't, but at times felt, dare I say, comfortable.

Anway, a good run!

On Sunday we had a 3 hour spin class.  I felt like I did well, consdiering my run the day before and was strong the whole class.  We headed to the pool right after and it hit me.  I had nothing left.  It was so surprising to me how I came off the bike feeling so strong, but when I hit the water for some intervals, I felt more like the water punched me back!  Let's just say I'm grateful my pain and suffering only lasted :45 minutes.  :)

I was supposed to be off yesterday, but my legs were still super sore.  I decided to go for an easy recovery swim because I really needed it. 

Today I'm taking off though -- going to the Rodeo with my family to a concert tonight.  I am having to completely rearrange my schedule to fit everything in, so it will be a challenging week.

8 weeks until Lonestar! 


  1. I'm glad you're resting today, but I'm excited for you getting 8 miles in at that pace. Amazing to me.

  2. excellent work !!!

  3. Corrie7:10 PM

    A three hour spin class? Three, as in more than two? Jeezum petes.

  4. WOW! You are doing awesome! I dont think I could ever do all that! I am happy with making it running a whole 4.5 two to three times a week !



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