Stuff and Crab-o-liscious Style Thursday♥Thirteen

So I went back to the doctor yesterday, expecting to get some answers.  Much to my disappointment I didn't get any.  The good news is I got a period last Sunday (had not since January), which means I'm ovulating. That's good.  The bad news is, on the last blood draw we didn't know if I was ovulating, or when the last time I ovulated was, and now that I got a period, the blood has to be re-drawn again.  Prolactin is still high and I'm obviously not pregnant.  I even experienced a feeling of letting down (as with breastfeeding) -- it was as painful as I remember, though I didn't actually lactate.

Since getting my cycle I feel much better.  Told the doc and he said, "It's no wonder!"

I just want to get right.  I know my prolactin has been high for a couple years now.  I'm tired of being tired and moody.  I'm tired of the frustration  I'm tired of the fact that the process takes so long to find out answers.

So here I wait another 2.5 weeks.  Ugh. Let's just say I'm one  hot mess.

Since I am already in this place of sorta-kinda-crabbiness, here's 13 things I hate or that just simply annoy me. 
1)  Traffic.  Heavy traffic.  I hate when I try to avoid the congestion, yet every choice I make is the wrong one and it takes me twice as long as work.

2)  When I see people being unfair and/or unethical.  I know it's not my problem, but I hate it anyway.

3) When I go to the food store at the wrong time and the produce is completely garbage.  My fault, but still doesn't help a crabby-funk.

4)  Blue Cheese.  Enough said!

5)  Not getting answers from the doc.  Thought I was going to get some answers yesterday; not.  Just more blood taken and an invitation to wait another 2 weeks.

6)  Along with hating when people are unfair or unethical, I hate when others are completely selfish and inconsiderate; when they're clearly only out for themselves.

7) When I follow a recipe that has all ingredients I love, but then I hate it. 

8)  Being late.

9)  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  However know the real facts and don't base your opinion on nonsensical skewed data.  Nothing is perfect and we're all in this together.

10) With regard to number 9.  We are all in this together, so why can't we just freakin' work together and stop trying to exploit weaknesses and shortcomings and spend that time thinking of constructive ideas that will actually help long-term.

11)  Goggles that leak after wearing them a 1/2 dozen times.

12)  The smell of garlic fries at the Rodeo, when I was pregnant.  Nearly wanted to barf when I smelled them.  Obviously I'm scared for life, since I still remember!



  1. Hi there! Guess what I hate traffic too, but I have come to accept that it's a way of life here in our country!


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