Thoughts on Race Day

The tapering has begun. :)  In 5 short days everything I have been working for since December will come to be.  I know that with the way I'm talking about it sounds like I have just trained for a half iron or more, but training for the Olympic, starting from where I was, balancing home and work life was a challenge for me and my family.  I'll be looking forward to maintaining what I've built up and doing just a couple races the remainder of the year.  Right now I just have plans for Silverlake and Clear Lake International... nothing else until I start training for the Chevron Houston Full Marathon.

My original goals for the weekend were to take my best, swim, bike and runs from last year and beat those times... just to show some improvement.  The closer I get to the race, the more I realize I am likely to finish well below my original time of 3:52, and could conceivably finish around 3:32 -- much of this depends on the run and bike and, not to mention, weather conditions for the day. 

My race plan is as follows:  Get a swim warm-up (which I never do!).  I will start off easy and focus on form.  After the first turn I will pick-up the pace and concentrate on finsihing my stroke. After the second turn I will back off the pace a little and get ready to bike.  Hopefully I will have an easy stripping and quick T1.

For the bike I will ride strong, because I am strong and I will keep reminding myself of that everytime I slack on rpms!  I will start my nutrition once I hit the seawall and push with the tailwind and go a little easier into the wind.  I will remember to get out of the saddle every 15 minutes to stretch, and relax my upper body. Once I am back on the seawall I will finish my nutrition, spin out my legs and get ready to run!

Coaches say for the run I should focus outward and look for familiar faces, BAM! jerseys, and do some people watching. Find some humor on the course, sing along with the band, and cheer on fellow athletes.......And Smile!!!  Stay cool on the run. Use ice, water, wet towels, sponges, etc... break the course into sections and visualize getting faster as each section passes. 

Would love a 3:32 to 3:37 finish; a totally wishful goal.  I would need a :37 swim, 1:27 bike and 1:22 run.  I know I can do it if I can just hang tough.  I've trained hard enough to do it!

Yesterday we had a ride on the course and it went well  I average 17.4 for 19 miles, so if the weather is anything like yesterday, I should be great!  Of course this is Houston... the weather changes ever 2 hours.  My late wave start at 9:02 doesn't help much either, but oh well.  :)

That's it for now.  I'm certain I'll have more thoughts to jot down, but need to get back to work.


  1. Good luck...I will be thinking of you on race day and hoping you just keep it all going and your emotions under is a very exciting time...Dont forget to have lots of rest over the next few days, other than any planned training try to stay off your feet.......

  2. You CAN do it!! I'm so excited for you. Get lots of rest and have a blast.

  3. Good luck! You've trained hard and are going to have a great day. The most important thing for doing well is to have fun. You rock!

  4. I'll be down there doing the Olympic course w/ ya! I don't know what my time will be, I am hoping for a :45 min swim, 1:45 bike, and 1:00 run. that is if everything goes really well! and the weather…ohh, I just told my husband to plan on1 00% chance rain! good luck to you and I hope you make and break your goals! :)


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