Thursday ♥ Thirteen


Totally Random*

1) How is it that sometimes we feel like something has to be "wrong" so that everything seems "right?"

2) I managed to get up and out of bed by 4:32 am today; I haven't been able to do that in about 6 weeks, and therefore have been uber-tardy to work everyday.  Shhhhh!

3) This weekend is Easter.  Cassie is excited aobut wearing her Easter dress and we'll spend time at our friend's house sharing dinner.  I need to make a dessert.  I want to make something really different.  Ideas?

4) Lonestar is 23 days away... I can freakin' wait.  Last night was a tough night.  I got home and felt this wave of fatigue.  I just wanted to sleep.  I texted Darren and told him not to rush home, that I needed a nap before I went to brick.  That's not me.  He was already on his way -- I went, though in my head I was kicking and screaming.  I told him that between now and Lonestar don't let me slump-out of training, unless I am really sick or something.  I'm just in that phase of training where you're always tired and it's even more challenging to find the motivation to beat yourself up.

5) Today I'm going to meet with a sports nutritionist/RD.  I am hopeful she can help me with my special needs.  Not so sure how much we can do before Lonestar with my hormones still out of whack, but I'm willing to try anything. 

6) I desperately want to see some progress with running.  Desperately. 

7) After Lonestar I will relax a little bit and do a few sprints and maintain fitness, probably work on running more.  Darren and I are going to reclaim the now "play room" as our home office.  We're going to paint and lay some new flooring.  It will be a big project, but we do those things well together -- we haven't done anything like that in a long time! 
8) Okay... here's something random.  I received a Zappo's order on Tuesday-- who knew you could buy a wetsuit from Zappo's? It might deserve a box breaking video, including pouring myself into the wetsuit.  LOL  Hilarious?  YES! Probably even painful to watch.  Could be winning material though!

9) Incidently, did you know that the inside flap of the Zappo's box says "Packed with happiness?  I had the flap cut-out and sitting in the window of my office... because, well, I am "Packed with happiness."

10) On more girly shopping notes... Coach has a new bag I ♥ .  It matches the wallet my BFF surprised me with a couple weeks ago. 

11) I made the Quinoa and Chicken Primavera -- pretty good stuff!  It was good as written, but with a little bit of lemon and fresh parmesean, it was even better!

12) My Daughter made the local news.  The local ABC affiliate went to their shool and had the group of 5 year olds test out Easter Egg Dye kits to see how easy they were to use, and how accurate the results were.  Cassie is in the plaid jumper with Glasses, and they show her pink sparkly egg, front and center!

13) I ♥ my Hubs and Kiddo.  As much as they think they might drive me crazy, they are the reason I stay as remotely sane as I do.   :)

* Okay, it was an attempt.  My "random" Thursday Thirteen is not so random after all... guess what's on my mind? Lonestar.

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  1. I've had trouble getting up early since the time change myself.

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. I like T-13's with a random theme, all kinds of interesting thoughts!

  3. What kind of wetsuit did you buy from Zappos? Long/Short/Sleeveless, Long/Short leg?

  4. That is early to arise! Imagining getting into a bathing suit is hard enough since I went shopping for one recently, but a wetsuit, ugh! Zappos has good prices, I think? Oh, I had to smile. I love purses, but never owned a Coach purse. Close friend of mine told me about a Coach outlet...and so far I have resisted. Enjoyed your TT randomness.


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