Thursday Thirteen

1)  I love my Daughter's artwork; it brings a genuine smile to my face.  How can unicorns, rainbows, butterflies and flowers not make you smile too?

2)  Taxes are done.  I keep repeating to myself... "better to be part of the working class who pays taxes, than the alternative."

3)  I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am to race.  I'm reasonably calm, except for dreams of having to put my wetsuit back on before crossing the finish, and another where I am riding a tandem bike with a super-duper-clyde, to find that we're zip-tied at the ankle when we get into transition.  Really!

4)  Cutting back on coffee and increasing the water... sleep?  Not quite there yet with 8 hours, but will focus more.

5)  Not sure why it took me so long to try Skirt Sports Racebelt Skirt.  I love my moving comfort compression shorts for running/training, but hate wearing them solo. I love that the skirt doesn't have shorts built in.  Another new favorite!  Your race number actually snaps into the skirt.  No need for a separate race number belt, which always seems to ride up to my boobs anyway! 

6)  I changed my mind again when I found a great deal on an '09 close-out wetsuit.  It should get here by Tuesday so I can practice swimming in it.  I hope it is as flexible as the reviews say, as I'm still having some trouble in the shoulders with my current wetsuit.  Keep your fingers crossed.  The good thing is, I can still wear my old one if everything isn't "just right".

7)  Dropping bike off at BB today for adjustments.  Lower gears are "jumping", but I don't think it's a huge deal.  I think its just time for the first adjustment after you get a new bike.  Also, after my fall I messed up the tape on the bullhorns.  In other bike stuff I'm going to try the Cobb V-flow Max Saddle.  This one has a guarantee that if you don't like it after 3 months, you can return it!  I have a brand new ISM saddle I might be getting rid of!  I bought it on Ebay, so I can't return it!

8)  My new favorite Coach bag, as if I haven't mentioned it enough, will be mine.  :)  Just waiting on the PCE to start on 4/29!!!

9)  As much as I'm looking forward to Lonestar, I'm looking forward to a break in training, spending some time with family and getting some things done!

10)  How crazy is this?  I already have Cassie's b'day party reservation made!  LOL

11)  Saw my official race pictures from Race Shots.  For the first time I'm actually smiling in every picture! 

12)  One of the projects we will take care of after my race is moving the play room back upstairs to the game room and reclaiming our office.  We want to paint and try our hand at installing some laminate flooring.

13)  My "Libby", she is getting old with 155k.  She needs good vibes to last through this year.  Oh, "Libby" is my Jeep Liberty.
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  1. Art work is very cute!

    I've done 2 rooms of ikea laminate and after about 20 min of figuring it out, it went pretty easy and it has held up well in daughters bedroom- she drops stuff all the time.

    The skirt and purse are both nIce!

  2. I am looking forward to lonestar too! I also have the race belt skirt, am debating on using it as it "turns" when I run (no drawstring) and I got a close out on a 09 wetsuit too! if yours is like mine be sure to use body glide as the new suit rubbed my neck raw the first time I used it!


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