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Rough Times and Good Times

I'm a firm believer that the rough times pass.  I also fully believe without the rough times the good times aren't nearly as sweet.  The last week-and-half have felt like a year.  The ups and downs of losing a beloved friend are bad enough, but to watch her loved ones survive her with such pain is just as hurtful.  For the last couple days I've been consciously making the effort to stop trying reconcile Elysha's death -- because frankly there is no good reason.  Period.  Instead, I've been focusing on letting go of the pain.  I think that's the hard part for everyone.  It's almost like letting go of the pain is letting go of her, or our love for her. I wear the pain of her loss of her on my sleeve, and that's not what she would have wanted. I've been giving myself permission, quite literally, over and over again to let go of the pain and be okay with it.  I'm choosing to remember how much I loved my beloved friend and how she loved others. 

So fitting

So fitting for how we all feel about the loss of Elysha.

Like Losing a Sister

Yes, I did a race. And , yes, typically my race report runs pretty quickly after I cross the Finish. I'll write about Silverlake later, when I feel like it, but right now I have much weighing on my heart. And while I can't seem to talk about it without crying, it seems that writing it/typing it I'm okay... and it's even cathartic in a strange way. Long story short, one of my best friends Elysha (I also call her *E* in my blog) passed away tragically and completely unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon in an accident with an ATV while doing some work on her Dad's property in Austin. After our camping trip a couple weekend's ago, she headed to Austin to take care of him because after being admitted to the hospital for illness. Elysha's Dad lives on Lake Travis and his property backs up to Cunningham Cove. Anyway, Elysha got too close to the edge of cove's cliff with the ATV and dropped 22ft to her death. Her dear husband tried to save her along with tw

Love it! Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra...

...finally a racer-back sports bra for D and DD's that really works. Thank you, Moving Comfort (again!) for not forgetting about the "fluffy" well-endowed athlete!  LOL It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Moving Comfort's apparel.  In truth is, it was Misty, over at the Athena Diaries that turned me on to Moving Comfort with their Compression Running Shorts !*  Their technical apparel works AND is comfortable.  I can't say that about many of the leading athletic apparel brands.  Moving Comfort also offers a Women's Plus line, called MCW, although they've scaled back what they offer for the Spring/Summer.  I highly recommend MC to Athena triathletes seeking quality performance apparel. First, know that Moving Comfort did not solicit this review.  I purchased the bra and just want to share my experience. This sports bra is a Racer Back.  Until I purchased this one, the only racer backs I could find were strictly compression, which do nothing f

Some time...

Some time has passed since I clicked the "Pay Now" button on my Redman registration. Some sanity has returned and everything is as "normal" as my world gets.  Thankfully, still, I do not regret having decided to move forward with Redman.  :) Really, though, this was my original plan.  I just got rid of the cold feet, and I'm glad for that happening! 22 weeks to go until Race Day.  It's a long time and a lot of heat and humidity to keep up the work.  Once again my family is supporting my crazy effort and in return I'm really going to balance things better.  I already made some stipulations to my schedule which included 4 family weekends with very minimal training -- like a short run or bike would be fine, but nothing long.  I'm certain that 4 wwekends will not make or break my finishing Redman, so I need to prioritize what is important and that's family first. One of my main focuses for Redman is to improve my running.  I've been so cons